A fan predicted Virat Kohli's 50 ODI centuries on FB in 2012. His story is making X cry today

Debodinna Chakraborty
Debodinna ChakrabortyNov 17, 2023 | 12:41

A fan predicted Virat Kohli's 50 ODI centuries on FB in 2012. His story is making X cry today

A fan predicted Virat Kohli's record back in 2012. (Photo: X/ICC, Facebook/Shiju Balanandan)

In the ICC ODI World Cup 2023 semi-final against New Zealand, Virat Kohli showcased his unparalleled skills by securing his 50th ODI century. Achieving this milestone in just 14 years since his first ODI century, Kohli's brilliance was foreseen by a loyal fan back in 2012.


  • In the recent World Cup semi-final against New Zealand, Virat Kohli, the renowned Indian cricketer, reached a remarkable milestone by securing his 50th ODI century. 
  • Kohli’s greatness was predicted by a loyal fan Shiju Balanandan, all the way back in 2012, when Kohli scored his 12th ODI hundred against Sri Lanka at Hambantota in Sri Lanka.
  • Shiju Balanandan's tale emerged following Kohli's outstanding 117 runs in 113 balls against New Zealand in the 2023 ODI World Cup semi-final, elevating him beyond Sachin Tendulkar's record for the most ODI centuries (49), by achieving 50.

What Balanandan had predicted

  • In 2012, Shiju Balanandan of Edappally, Kerala, posted a bold prediction on Facebook. He wrote that Virat Kohli would surpass Sachin's iconic 49 ODI centuries record.
  • When Balanandan posted it, India was on a tour in Sri Lanka and Virat Kohli had just scored his 12th ODI century against the home team at Hambantota. 
  • Many were quick to bet against Balanandan’s prediction in the comments section of the post but, Balanandan stuck to his word. 
  • Balanandan posted a heads up comment each time Kohli scored an ODI hundred, reminding everyone that the cricketer was inching closer to turning his prediction into reality. 
  • This significant feat played a crucial role in India's journey to the 2023 ODI World Cup final, showcasing Kohli's prowess in the one-day format.
  • In achieving his 50th century, Virat Kohli surpassed the former record of 49 ODI centuries, a milestone previously held by the iconic Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, someone Kohli regards as his idol.

2018: A sad turn of events

  • In 2018, Balanandan met with a fatal car accident, preventing him from witnessing his prediction turn reality on the grandest cricket stage.
  • Following Balanandan's death in 2018, his friends have admirably carried on his legacy by keeping track of Kohli's ODI centuries. 
  • They do so by leaving a count in the comment section of the original post that initiated this tradition.

Fans want Virat Kohli to take note

Soon after Virat's 50th century and the tweet about Balanandan went viral, Kohli fans have been trying to catch the cricketer's attention.


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