Baal Kaat Le Bhai, because Shah Rukh Khan has also chopped his Pathaan locks off

DailyBiteFeb 20, 2023 | 14:56

Baal Kaat Le Bhai, because Shah Rukh Khan has also chopped his Pathaan locks off

Shah Rukh Khan asks one of his fans on Twitter to cut his hair as he has also done the same. Photo: Twitter

Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan is known for his witty replies, on social media and as well as in interviews. The Pathaan star often holds his #AskSRK sessions on Twitter, where he asks his fans to ask him questions, and he answers a few of them.

Today, Shah Rukh Khan added a slight twist to it. He asked fans to ask him questions "which are sweeter, irrelevant, and fun maybe even what you #DontAskSRK."


No sooner did he announce this, than the fans poured in on their beloved star with their weird questions.

One of his fans tweeted to him saying that he hasn't trimmed his hair for four years, ever since Shah Rukh Khan went on a break from movies.

"Aapke 4 saal ke intezaar me, hamne apna halaat aise kar liya tha, aab to clean shaving, hair cutting nahi kar paa raha, should I do it now," a fan asked.

To this, Shah Rukh replied, "Kaat le bhai, maine bhe kaat liye hain."

Shah Rukh flaunted long tresses in his latest action flick Pathaan, where he played the role of a R&AW agent who has his own way of doing things.

His long hair became quite popular with his fans and many began imitating his hairstyle.

#AskSRK: The session was saw some other weird yet sweet questions, with one on whether he liked pets and why he never had one. To this, Shah Rukh replied that he had pets but he doesn't upload their photos on social media because he doesn't want his pets to become more famous than him.


Another fan asked who will be the next big thing in Bollywood - after he retires. To this, Khan, in his usual style said, "I will never retire from acting... I will have to be fired... and maybe even then I will come back hotter!!"

The success of Pathaan: After the stupendous success of Pathaan, Shah Rukh Khan is on Cloud Nine. The Bollywood star, who was on a break for the last four years with his last release in 2018, struck the bull's eye with his latest action-adventure Pathaan

Pathaan has made more than Rs 500 crore at the domestic box office and is on its way to entering the Rs 1,000 crore club worldwide.

So, when one fan asked what's Shah Rukh's lucky number, he replied, "Right now any number above 1000 ha ha ha."

The Hindi film industry saw a dry box office in 2022, with a few notable exceptions like The Kashmir Files, Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 and Drishyam 2. Even Aamir Khan's dream project, Laal Singh Chaddha, bombed at the theatres. 


With Pathaan, that jinx was broken.

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