Sachin Tendulkar's sharp new look! Sachin turns into a sartorial Master Blaster, and we aren’t complaining!

Arpita Kala
Arpita KalaJul 11, 2019 | 17:53

Sachin Tendulkar's sharp new look! Sachin turns into a sartorial Master Blaster, and we aren’t complaining!

Is it a midlife rebirth or is it just England? The Little Master is looking like a snacc with his World Cup 2019 wardrobe and we have a lot of (good) feelings about it.

We may not have returned home with a World Cup but we did win a style icon — Sachin Tendulkar.

After inspiring many Indians to follow their athletic dreams, the former cricketer seems to be influencing the nation’s wardrobe too.

england-india-300619_071119035716.jpgStyle master: Sachin Tendulkar had a fashionable debut as a commentator. (Photo: Reuters)

In England to make his debut as a commentator at the World Cup 2019, the usually shy Sachin appeared looking flamboyant on-screen six years after his retirement, in a super-dapper, unrecognisable avatar. For an audience that was used to seeing the batsman in cricket uniforms, his suited-booted persona has us pleasantly surprised. 


Sharp pinstripe suits, crisp shirts and eclectic ties, Tendulkar stood out in a sea of bandhgala jackets and boring monochrome suits in the backdrop of the equally grey London weather. 

64345958_24910007309_071119045014.jpgWe know who's best: Bespoke tailoring has made Sachin the fashion king the cricketing world desperately needs. (Photo: Facebook/Sachin Tendulkar)

Even while wearing the official blue striped tie of the commentators, the Master Blaster managed to make sure it matched to a tee with the piping of his impeccably tailored blazer. And can we please gush over how Tendulkar meticulously followed the golden fashion rule — match your shoes to your belt. In fact, he even took it a step further by choosing footwear in the same shade as his pocket square.   

This is a big deal — it is huge. Consider how we have often spotted Sachin in questionable tie-dyes, shiny silken or just animal-printed (zebra, FYI) shirts.

But this is also part of Sachin's style evolution.

faux-pas-collage_071119035804.jpgPurane faux pas: We have seldom been bowled by Tendulkar's off-field outfits. (Photo: Facebook and Twitter)

According to our style sleuths, Tendulkar has always managed to find his sartorial calling every time he is in London — tracing back to 2011 till the present, whenever he attended the Wimbledon Championships as well. Maybe it is the English weather, maybe it’s the Queen, maybe it's Savile Row, or maybe the United Kingdom just inspires him.


But the pertinent point is that even while off-field, the 46-year-old former batsmen continues to set a new precedent — how to handle a midlife rebirth like a gentleman (please note, he has already sold his flash red 360 Modena Ferrari car and now only takes vintage cars out for a quick ride). In fact, such an existential stage suits him rather well, evident from his smooth, stylish avatar.  

No impromptu bungee-jumping trips, no over-the-top tattoos — and certainly not a fashion vibe that Kapil Dev currently seems to be sailing on.

screenshot-4_071119035940.pngKapil Dev's on an unfathomable fashion vibe. (Photo: Twitter/Sharib Hashmi)

No sir — Tendulkar proves that you can take the gentleman out of the game but you cannot take the game out of him.

Now, if only commentator boxes were democratic, we would have gladly voted out a certain Mr Manjrekar and nominated Tendulkar instead... easy on our ears and eyes, we say.     


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