6 reasons to love Sania Mirza

Moeena Halim
Moeena HalimJul 13, 2015 | 17:35

6 reasons to love Sania Mirza

1) She announced her win on social media this way:

Because what says it better than a bunch of emoticons? Sania Mirza may have won the Championships at Wimbledon, but really she’s just like any one of the GeNext social media-loving smartphone users who choose emoticons over words to express themselves.

2) She has a great sense of humour and an ability to laugh at herself: Not only has she managed to silence the media on several occasions with her stoicism, but Sania’s wit and humour has also helped make sure she remains a favourite. When a newspaper called her Dubsmash video the worst ever, she promptly made another so that the newspaper got something more to write about.


3) The fact that her "staff" are also her friends: When we last met Sania, she was surrounded by a posse of people who worked with her: her manager, her make-up artist and so on. She joked about being followed around by her "entourage", but by their constant banter it was clear that these were not merely members of her staff but friends she considered close.

4) She got representatives from India’s two greatest loves – Bollywood and cricket – to come cheer for her: Apart from Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma, Sania had Farhan and Adhuna Akhtar, Farah Khan and Avinash Gowariker watching her play at the Wimbledon.

5) She doesn’t really know how to give up: After all the controversies and downers she’s had to face, from the fatwa against wearing a short skirt to having a serious wrist injury, she’s managed to overcome everything to achieve her ultimate dream. If 2014 was a good year for her, 2015 was even better, and it is all thanks to her perseverance. As her Twitter introduction reads, she’s a “Dreamer. Believer. Doer. Even against all odds”.

6) She’ll always be a Hyderabadi at heart: Her sudden bursts of Hyderabadi Urdu are proof enough that the globe-trotting tennis champion isn’t about to forget her roots. And if you’ve ever heard the Hyderabadi lilt that accompanies the charming dialect, you would know just how using those colloquial words would make her that much more endearing.

Last updated: November 15, 2016 | 09:19
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