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Caa-nrc protest, Ram mandir babri masjid case, Article 370 revoked, Modi2.0

Modi 2.0: The story so far

In the fast-changing post-Covid-19 global order, the world is facing an unprecedented leadership crisis. India is relatively better, with Modi's ratings still high both domestically and internationally.


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Article 370 revoked, Jammu and kashmir article 370, Jammu and Kashmir, Article 370

With domestic critics, anti-national elements and a highly critical West, India will have a tough time defining the J&K narrative

The external and internal dimensions of the revocation of Article 370 need to be analyzed in order to claim the J&K narrative.


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Article 370 revoked, Article 370, Shujaat  bukhari, Kashmiri journalists

Why I want to apologise to journalists based in Kashmir

I would never have managed to report from Kashmir without the help of several local journalists and this is my thank you note to them.


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Article 370 revoked, Amit shah article 370, Jammu and kashmir latest news, Article 370

PM’s gift to the youth of J&K: Abrogation of Article 370 has opened up possibilities of increase in employment and economic growth

That Article 370 was discriminatory has been discussed and debated at length. But its mere revocation has opened up new possibilities for the youth of Kashmir.


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Jammu and kashmir latest news, Article 370 revoked, Jammu and kashmir article 370, Article 370

'Article 370' Is How Liberals Oppress: Those supporting Article 370 support the caste, gender and sexual apartheid this enabled

Article 370 stamped on the rights of Dalits and the LGBTQ community. It treated women as second-class and non-Muslims with total contempt. Why do so many 'liberals' support it?


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Donald trump meeting imran khan, Imran Khan, Pakistan, Article 370 revoked

The Pathos of Pakistan: With Article 370 gone, Pakistan loses its 'jugular vein' and its face

Pakistan is cornered after India revoked Article 370. But it is still a time of great caution for India. We must watch the neighbour's moves, his begging bowl in one hand, dagger in the other.


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Article 370 revoked, Pakistan reacts to article 370, Jammu and kashmir pakistan, Jammu and Kashmir

Article 370 was most useful to Pakistan: It helped Pakistan spread poisonous militancy and misery in Kashmir

Pakistan used 'special status' of Kashmir to claim J&K was 'disputed territory'. With one stroke, India has ended that claim. Pakistan now faces ruin itself. It has nothing to offer Kashmir.


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Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan, Jammu and Kashmir, Narendra Modi

Kashmir's Slippery Slope: Article 370's revocation sets a dangerous precedent for us all

The idea behind Article 370 was to respect culture, history and a political agreement made with immense belief. That stands broken today and the effects won't be limited to Kashmir.


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Amit shah section 370, Article 370 revoked, Jammu and kashmir news, Jammu and Kashmir

Open letter to Amit Shah: Thank you for ending Article 370's discrimination and bringing a new hope to India

Under PM Modi's leadership, you have shown a tired and cynical electorate that nothing is impossible and political promises are made to be kept, not forgotten.


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Jammu and kashmir union territory, Article 35a removed, Kashmiri pandit exodus, Article 370 revoked

With Article 370, I too revoke my hate: For three decades, I suffered as a Kashmiri Pandit woman. That stops today

For years, I went to Kashmir as an outsider, despite being a Kashmiri, the laws of the land having stripped me of my state subject, no govt willing to care. But now, I can finally go 'home'.