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Economy, Hospitality Industry, Restaurant business, Economic impact of covid-19

How India's restaurant industry can bounce back after the Covid crash

It looks like the restaurant industry is on the right track to revive and reclaim to return to activities that enrich our lives in 2021.


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India today magazine, Economy, Health, Covid19

What 2021 has in store for us

India Today Editor-in-Chief Aroon Purie talks about the special issue, The Rebirth, that carries forecasts on the big trends in 2021, in the January 18, 2021 edition of the India Today Magazine.


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Happy new year 2021, Coronavirus pandemic, Covid19

Happy New Year: Why Corona may not follow the Gregorian or even the Chinese calendar

In the nine months since its outbreak and being declared a pandemic, Covid-19 has challenged many paradigms and blown quite a few myths.


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India today magazine, Healthcare, Economy, Covid19

How Covid-19, 2020’s Newsmaker, reshaped our lives

India Today Editor-in-Chief Aroon Purie talks about how Covid-19 reshaped our economy, healthcare facilities and changed the way we work, consume entertainment, in the January 11, 2021 edition of the India Today Magazine.


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Self-help book, Sailing through a storm, Covid19

How to make a crisis work for you

An exclusive excerpt from TN Hari and Sanjay Swamy's latest book, Sailing Through A Storm that brings us the hope for a crisis to be a great opportunity for innovation.


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Behaviour change, Pandemic, Covid19, Aids

How behaviour change campaigns can help fight AIDS and Covid-19

Covid has inevitably taken over attention from HIV. However, in a resource-restrained country like ours, we need to internalise lessons learnt and the sound guidance from the HIV response for fighting Covid-19.


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Wuhan, Air India, Covid19, Vandebharatmission

What flying home to India from China on a Vande Bharat Mission flight was like

My paranoia of not spending much time in transit in these turbulent times of a pandemic also prompted me to book my whole itinerary in such a way that I eventually had to change four flights in less than 24 hours to reach Kolkata from Beijing.


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Parliament winter session, BRICS summit, Love Jihad, Bihar elections 2020

DailyOh! 'Happy birthday' Corona, to why Parliament might skip its Winter Session

For the fourth time in history, the Indian Parliament may not have a Winter Session this year.


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Post-covid world, The new normal, Coronavirus pandemic, Covid19

How Covid may reorder the world we know

A profound change in the global order is imminent, even though it is too early to make any judgment about the impact of whatever is happening and going to happen on the overall wellbeing of the human community and the planet.


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Narendra Modi, Taiwan, Coronavirus, Covid19

DailyOh! How Taiwan learnt its Covid lessons in 2003, to what Farooq Abdullah is complaining about

Taiwan reported the last local coronavirus case on April 12 this year.