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GST, Pizza topping gst, Pizza gst rate, Pizzatax

Pizza topping is not pizza, so pay more GST. (Don't) Say cheese!

GST authorities classify certain pizza toppings as 'other items' and not cheese. This change in classification might raise tax rates on the pizza toppings.


 |  7-minute read
Footwear, Apparel, GST, Inverteddutystructure

Your chappals and jeans will cost more in 2022. Here's why

As government raises GST rates for footwear, apparel and textiles, here is a look at exactly why the government is doing this. ICYMI, it is called Inverted Duty Structure. Let us tell you why you need to blame it.


 |  6-minute read
GST, Shinzo Abe, Rhea chakraborty, Jeeneetexams

DailyOh! What will happen to JEE and NEET exams, to why govt invoked God over GST payments

Supreme Court says UGC can grant date extension, but states can’t go for cancellation even as Opposition unites on JEE and NEET issue.


 |  BREAKING NEWS INTO PIECES  |  4-minute read
GST, Liquor shops, Liquor shops open, Lockdown3.0

Masterstroke after masterstroke

The government masterstroke of opening liquor shops is expected to neutralise the opposition offensive of offering free tickets to travel home.


 |  5-minute read
Babrimasjid, Media credibility, Lynching, Economicdownturn

Revive the Indian economy, don't defend it

What India needs is sensible but sweeping reform; what India is getting is Soviet-style targets for the bureaucracy.


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Budget 2019, GST, Budget speech, Nirmala Sitharaman

Union Budget 2019: Nirmala Sitharaman sets the pitch for transformative inclusive growth

Huge outlays for infrastructure development and power generation as well as public-private partnership in railways will help India's overall growth.


 |  Passion & compassion  |  4-minute read
GST, Nirmala Sitharaman, Union budget 2019, Budget 2019

Budget 2019 must be big and bold: Nirmala Sitharaman must go for serious capital infusion and tangible tax breaks

For a govt that has taken bold steps like demonetisation, new strong measures should be a logical follow-on. India's struggling economy certainly needs these.


 |  3-minute read
Demonetisaion, GST, Arun Jaitley, Nirmala Sitharaman

Union Budget 2019: Will FM Nirmala Sitharaman continue the tradition of carrying a briefcase, or will she give this a spin?

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will likely carry the Union Budget 2019 in a briefcase as she steps into Parliament. The case is part of colonial tradition. Will Sitharaman finally decolonise it?


 |  2-minute read
GST, Income Tax cut, Tax relief, Fiscal deficit

Union Budget 2019: Why the Budget so scares me

The Budget reminds me each time, every year, how my entire education was a lie and I spent pointless hours chasing thetas and hexagons.


 |  14-minute read
Retail inflation, Kelkar committee recommendations, Make in India, GST council

The Modi Masterstroke: How GST unified India

The Congress sat on the GST for years and did nothing. In contrast, the Modi govt both implemented this path-breaking reform and kept improving it, to benefit the common citizen in multiple ways.