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Imran Khan, Blasphemy laws, Pakistan, Asia bibi

Asia Bibi verdict: Why blasphemy laws should have no place in naya Pakistan

It’s time Pakistan undergoes some radical judicial reforms, especially on the laws of blasphemy.


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Imran Khan, Pakistan, Red birds, Mohammed hanif

‘Sometimes, you censor yourself in journalism - and totally un-censor yourself in fiction’

Famous Pakistani author Mohammed Hanif speaks with Srijana Mitra Das about his new book 'Red Birds' (Bloomsbury) and more.


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Narendra Modi, Lok Sabha 2019 polls, Imran Khan, India-Pakistan

Why there can be no India-Pakistan dialogue even after 2019 Lok Sabha polls

Given the immutable reality of the India Pakistan equation, New Delhi would be best served if it builds its capabilities to deter and deny, and if required punish Islamabad.


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Imran Khan, Bushra khan, Mehr Tarar, Veil

Why the burqa should be banned

Burqa is a feudal practice and to progress, we must suppress feudal practices, not give freedom to them.


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Pakistan Army, Naya pakistan, Pakistan, Imran Khan

Fast Forward: Imran Khan’s Naya Pakistan in 2028

A farcical look at a farce-filled state and its leader who insists he is not a small man.


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Imran Khan, Army, Kashmir, India-Pakistan

Why there is no chance for peace between India and Pakistan

Islamabad must recognise the fact that talks and terror cannot go hand in hand.


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Islam, Pakistan, Imran Khan, Bushra wattoo khan

If Bushra Khan chooses to wear a full veil, what's your problem?

What Pakistan PM's wife chooses to wear is not affecting anyone else. Why is it then a topic of malicious discussions?


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Narendra Modi, Imran Khan, UNGA, Indo-Pak ties

Why India must talk with Pakistan

Delhi was wrong to reject Imran Khan’s peace dialogue offer.


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Imran Khan, Terror strike, UNGA, India-Pakistan ties

Better late than never. But why was India fumbling against Pakistan?

The Modi government has finally realised what was well known — that 'Pakistan will not mend its ways'.