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Why Pakistan election could be Imran Khan's last shot at power

The PTI chief at 65 doesn’t have time to waste, and much to change.


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Imran Khan is a symbol of Pakistani nationalism, like Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar, Mohandas Gandhi in India

Pakistani musician, activist, physician and former UN Goodwill Ambassador Salman Ahmad in conversation with Srijana Mitra Das.


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Deep (state) trouble for Nawaz Sharif — 26/11 comments could see former PM tried for treason

'Modi ka Pakistani yaar' under fire from his own party, Imran Khan and Pakistan Army.


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Why Imran Khan will always be my hero

What goes unnoticed amid efforts to portray the PTI chief as narcissistic is the work his party has done in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.


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Reactions to Imran Khan's third marriage show everything that is wrong with Twitter

The social media website puts everything one says or does under microscopic scrutiny of those who are hardly in the know.


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Why no one is bothered about who forms the government in Pakistan

The rich in the country do not care as long as their interests are not in danger of being torpedoed by the new government in Islamabad.


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Moni Mohsin, Pakistan's famous social butterfly, on Imran Khan's latest scandal

Misogynistic attacks on Ayesha Gulalai, who accused Khan of sexual harassment, lay bare an all too familiar reality of public life in Pakistan.


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Panama Papers and SC verdict: Relief for Nawaz Sharif is temporary

He has little support in the present situation, with the opposition parties aligning against him.


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Imran Khan's refusal to call Osama a terrorist spells doom for Pakistan

The PTI chief had been silent on the Taliban and had also suggested that the TTP be allowed to open offices in the country.


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What Gen Raheel Sharif must do for Pakistan before hanging up his boots

He must achieve his declared goal to make 2016 the final year to root out terrorism.