International Yoga Day



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J&K Sports Council, Kashmir, International Yoga Day

Why this Kashmiri coach feels yoga can bring peace to Valley

Shabbir Ahmad has trained over 100 students who in turn have become coaches and have spread the benefits of yoga throughout Kashmir.


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International Yoga Day, Health, Yoga

Yoga is more than just hitting the mat

Its essence really needs to be understood to avail of its real benefits.


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Indian culture, RSS, Narendra Modi, International Yoga Day

The ugly truth behind Modi's Yoga Day

Who is the Prime Minister to speak about India’s 'ancient heritage'?


 |  Angiography  |   Long-form
Yoga, International Yoga Day

Modi government has politicised yoga

Citizens whose bodily autonomy is under threat should ask the government how it can get its priorities so wrong.


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Weight Loss, Baba Ramdev, Amit Shah, International Yoga Day

Exclusive photos: Ramdev is right, Amit Shah has lost 20kg thanks to yoga

The aasanas not only help you become fit but also slay political opponents.


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China, Yoga, International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day: A hard look at India's soft power

Our cultural outreach must be well-oiled, well-funded, and primed to produce geopolitical clout.


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Twitter, Memes, Narendra Modi, International Yoga Day

Yoga day is actually a gift by Modi government to make memes

Nothing assures good health like a good dose of humour on social media.


 |  Beijing Diary  |  3-minute read
International Yoga Day, Yoga, China

International Yoga Day 2017: How China is going gaga over yoga

In six cities in eastern China, more than 30,000 people participated in events organised by the consulate in Shanghai


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BJP, Narendra Modi, International Yoga Day

Modi's Yoga Day is an upper caste, middle class fad

The PM has pressing problems to worry about rather than be part of an international jamboree with symbolic value.


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Liquor ban, Bihar, Nitish Kumar, International Yoga Day

Nitish Kumar let India down by boycotting International Yoga Day

The Bihar CM's decision to observe World Music Day instead is absurd.