Elon Musk fired a Twitter employee... on Twitter. (Wait till you hear what his fault was)

Ayaan Paul
Ayaan PaulNov 15, 2022 | 13:06

Elon Musk fired a Twitter employee... on Twitter. (Wait till you hear what his fault was)

Just when you thought the new Twitter head-honcho's firing spree had come to a close, Elon Musk never ceases to amaze, laying off yet another one of the platform's employees. This time, over a tweet; and on Twitter.

Following the chaotic week of patches and updates Twitter has had, desperately trying to get its new Twitter Blue subscription model to function properly, Musk tweeted an apology citing “>1,000 poorly batched RPCs” as the reason for Twitter being slow in many countries.

An Android developer at the micro-blogging platform, Eric Frohnhoefer, later responded to Musk’s tweet, claiming his boss was just flat out wrong...

...which of course, did not sit well with the Big Boss, who then proceeded to call out Frohnhoefer over a tweet, asking him why Twitter has been so laggy over Android, on his watch (the playground equivalent of “if you’re so smart, why haven’t you fixed the problem?”)

To which, Frohnhoefer did not seem to back down, offering a detailed explanation of what he believes is actually the cause of Twitter running so slow...

As the tweet thread expanded in debate, a random user chipped in, asking Musk if wanted a person like Frohnhoefer’s kind of attitude on his team. Naturally, Musk responded promptly:

Frohnhoefer took to Twitter to make the suspicions around the termination of his employment official. It took roughly five hours for the company to disable his access to his company-issued laptop.

“No one trusts anyone within the company anymore. How can you function? Employees don’t trust the new management. Management doesn't trust the employees.”
- Eric Frohnhoefer in an interview with Forbes

The San Diegan developer seems to be taking things rather well currently. In the hours since his firing from the company, the tweet thread hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down, with users offering help and some good laughs following his sacking…

Meanwhile, Musk himself seems to remain unsurprisingly unfazed by this situation, continuing on in the thread trying to justify his argument…

In the weeks since his arrival, Twitter Boss Musk has

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