Daily Recco, January 13: Make Lohri a happy one with Aata Laddoo

Wheat, jaggery, ghee and til make this yummy laddoo an irresistible Lohri delight.

 |  2-minute read |   13-01-2021
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It is the season of winter festivals across the country. While today is celebrated as Lohri in Punjab, it is Bhogi in Tamil Nadu and Bhogali (or Magh Bihu) in Assam. The significance remains the same: marking the harvest and the end of the winter solstice.

Lohri is one of the most popular folk festivals in Punjab and is celebrated throughout the region where Punjabis reside, including the Punjab state in Pakistan. The festival goes beyond religion and is a celebration of the culture of the state, region and the people. As with every Indian festival, a key part of the celebrations is the feast. From gajjak, to makki ki roti with sarson ka saag, to aate ke laddoo, Lohri has a lot of winter delicacies as part of its traditional fare. While we have shared the gajjak recipe with you earlier, today we will share the other sweet — aate ke laddoo.

Now, wheat is an important and staple crop in the region and til, or sesame is added optionally and is meant to generate warmth in the body. The laddoos made of wheat flour, ghee, sesame and jaggery warm the very cockles of our hearts. Do try making this super-easy laddoo today.

What you’ll need:

One cup (250 grams) of aata or wheat flour

One cup of powdered jaggery

Three tablespoon ghee

Half a cup of white sesame seeds (til)


How to:

Heat a heavy-bottomed pan and dry roast the sesame seeds on medium flame till they just start changing colour. Remove from heat and set aside.

In the same pan, add the flour and dry-roast it till it turns brown.

Mix the powdered jaggery, the roasted sesame seeds and the ghee to the flour and give it a good mix on low heat. When the mixture is combined well, remove from fire and let it cool slightly.

Make small balls with the mixture while it is still warm.

The laddoos stay good for a couple of days if stored in airtight containers.

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