Ameesha Patel has embarrassed women with her views

Somya Abrol
Somya AbrolOct 27, 2015 | 19:10

Ameesha Patel has embarrassed women with her views

Kushal Tandon sure notices women — whether he (or every other man on the planet) would like to accept it or not. For his obvious defence of “If everyone stands up and one person looks into the phone while the national anthem’s played, you’re bound to notice!”, our response is, “Sure. But what’s with seeing Ameesha 'laughing and having fun' before the movie started?” So, don’t try to troll us yet, Kushal.


For those of you who don't yet know, here’s exactly what’s been happening on the Kushal Tandon-Ameesha Patel Twitter war front.

Now, to the point. Kushal, whether or not someone decides that his/her show of patriotism lies only in standing up for the national anthem in a movie theatre is subjective. While we understand your sudden spouts for desh bhakti, must you be that person who judges others at a movie theatre? Has the Gauhar Khan love story not taught you a thing?

And Ameesha, what on earth were you thinking? Okay, you were having your period; okay, according to your tweets, you were waiting for the movie to start so you could go and attend to your “girly problems”; okay, you thought Kushal could be doing this in a desperate attempt to garner some publicity. But here’s what we’re not okay with:

1. We, the women of the world’s fastest growing economy, do NOT refer to our periods as “monthly girly problem”. Problem? Really? Do you need a lesson in biology? Oh no, wait, you have a degree in Economics from Tufts University (US).


2. Your words: “Men like him who have forced a woman 2 speak about her intimate girly problems are jerks... He is a shame to society”.

We’re not even going to call you out on the question of punctuation. Because that’s just how nice we are. We will, however, call you out on “forced a woman 2 speak about her intimate girly problems”. Does it make your cramps worse? Did Kushal’s tweets make your period the worst you’ve ever had, in however many 20-something years you claim you’ve lived?

3. We might just be emerging from under a rock, but since you’re a celebrity, do tell us: Is it okay in the Twitter world to say words like "asshole and jackass", but not say the word "period"? It seems there is a patriarchic Twitter handbook we haven’t got our hands on yet.

The gist of the matter is, if Kushal was, in fact, trying to act like a "low-life" (better words for your interpretation of him, Ameesha), could you not just reply with a, “Hey, I’d just gotten my period then, man. Standing was sadly not an option! That doesn’t undermine my love for the nation. But good to see such avid patriotism! :)” (162 characters—one-and-half tweets.)


But then again, we’re just sayin’!

Last updated: October 27, 2015 | 19:17
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