Nation wants to know (on Twitter) why Arnab Goswami was a dud on Reddit

'A masterclass in how you can turn anything into a press release.'

 |  4-minute read |   27-04-2017
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Itna deflect toh Sanjay Jha ne bhi nahi kiya Newshour pe (Even Sanjay Jha did not deflect this much on the Newshour)”

This one comment accurately sums up Arnab Goswami’s much hyped AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit India. The funny thing is the name Ask Me Anything does not imply that the person being questioned will answer. And that is what the great Arnab Goswami did. Of course, no one really expected the man to answer hard-hitting questions, but to blatantly answer everything but them was what made this AMA beautiful.

Of the handful of questions Goswami did manage to address, the replies were nothing more than a few of his core (and delusional) beliefs, some military fetishisation, a little PR for his new news channel Republic TV, and aggressive nationalism. Oh, and pot-shots at an editor’s nationality, just because the man in concern seems to disagree with him a lot. In short, it was basically your bigoted WhatsApp-forwarding uncle answering nuanced questions on media, governance, accountability and ethics.

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Both Reddit and Twitter users had a field day with Goswami’s answers. After all, when the most controversial (and loud) television anchor is on the receiving end of tough questions, who wouldn’t grab the popcorn?

Sadly enough, even Priyanka Chopra’s disastrous AMA on Reddit India, looks like an adorable kerfuffle when compared to Goswami’s.

A Redditor calling him “Desi Sean Hannity” is extremely on point.

Hopefully, Goswami realises just how badly this Q&A went. If his guests start taking a page out of his book and refuse to answer his questions, and instead ask him to breathe (which he should, given how much he shouts), it would be highly amusing.

Of course, while a lot of people laughed, some realised this AMA is more disturbing than funny.

To sum things up:

PS: Some genius on the interwebs made a comparison of the answers given by Goswami in his AMA and those given by Rahul Gandhi during his interview with Arnab Goswami. The pattern is uncannily similar. 

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Sigh. Priceless.

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