Ashneer Grover trolls BharatPe CEO for buying BMW. What is his own lifestyle like?

Amrutha Pagad
Amrutha PagadMar 14, 2022 | 14:10

Ashneer Grover trolls BharatPe CEO for buying BMW. What is his own lifestyle like?

The bickering between BharatPe’s jilted founder Ashneer Grover and the fintech company’s board is putting the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard public rift to shame. Reports quoting sources from the BharatPe board accused Ashneer Grover of living a lavish lifestyle using the company funds. And in response, Grover also directed the same accusations at its CEO Suhail Sameer.

Ashneer Grover, founder of BharatPe, accused of funding a lavish lifestyle with company funds. Photo: ashneer.grover/Instagram


Here’s a breakup of what has happened, in case it has been too difficult to keep up with the mess:

  • Sources from the BharatPe board claimed that Ashneer once boasted to the staff that he bought a US $130,000 (Rs 10 crore approximately) dining table.
    • Ashneer Grover refuted the allegations mocking whether it is a space rocket for that kind of money.
      • Grover, in return, accused BharatPe CEO Suhail Sameer of buying a BMW Z4 convertible worth at least Rs 70 crore in one year of joining the company, while he as the founder was hardly able to afford a second-hand Porche after all the years.
        • When Grover’s wife Madhuri Jain Grover was removed from her position as the Head of Controls, reports had emerged that an audit found her spending company funds for skin laser sessions, spas and for family trips.
        • It is not the first time that Ashneer defended the ‘lifestyle’ he lives or lived. In a LinkedIn post, he shared the picture of bedding being spread on the floor at a friend’s house, in response to allegations of living in boutique hotels on his trips.
        • It was only last week that Ashneer Grover resigned from his position as the MD after months of butting head with the board. BharatPe also released a statement saying that Grover and his wife are no longer employed at the company at any level. An internal audit report found them of reportedly embezzling company funds.

        But what kind of life does Ashneer Grover really live? His Instagram is reminiscent of the ‘lavish’ lifestyle.


        1. THE WEALTH

        Ashneer Grover’s net worth is a massive Rs 21,300 crore approximately, according to the revelations on The Kapil Sharma Show.

        One report claimed that Ashneer Grover along with his wife paid Rs 8.1 crore in advance taxes alone.


        Ashneer Grover's Delhi house. Photo: ashneer.grover/Instagram

        The Grovers own a palatial house in Panchsheel Park of Delhi, one of the poshest areas in the national capital. The house is spread over 18,000 sq ft, and is estimated to be around Rs 30 crore. Grover has several pictures of his family members from inside the house.

        Ashneer Grover’s house in Delhi also houses some tasteful artworks. Though the cost of these artworks is unknown, they are likely to be on the expensive side.

        His house in Delhi has wooden floors, and one bedroom even has a massive four-poster bed with metal frames.

        According to the BharatPe audit report, the Delhi house is not the only home owned by Ashneer Grover. He reportedly leased out a penthouse and also spent money on renovating his old properties. The reports claimed all this money came from the company funds. At the same time, the reports also alleged that Grover’s wife would chide company staff for consuming too much coffee in the office and over other little things and expenses.


        What is a house without a car? Of course, Ashneer Grover’s car collection is just as luxurious as his many houses. The second-hand car Ashneer mentioned in his recent tweet is said to be Porche Cayman S, whose top variant costs nearly Rs 1.89 crore. Even a second-hand car is likely to cost much more than an entry-level Mercedes.

        Other than the Porche, he owns a black Maybach S650 worth Rs 2.5 crore, a Mercedes Benz GLS 350 worth at least Rs 1.14 crore, and an Audi A6 of around Rs 60 lakh.


        After cars and houses, the Grovers also like to spend their (or REPORTEDLY stolen) massive wealth on their many international trips to places like Dubai, California, London, Prague and more. But don’t think that these international trips are your usual backpacking budget getaways – no, no – it means luxurious stays, restaurants and activities. And obviously flying everywhere business class.

        5. A CRICKET FAN?

        It also looks like Ashneer Grover is a cricket fan. He has several pictures of attending international cricket tournaments with his family – from the Dubai England vs West Indies match in 2021 in Dubai to the ICC ODI World Cup in 2019 in England.


        Photo: ashneer.grover/Instagram

        While the Grovers flaunt a lot of ‘designer logos’ on their clothes and accessories in pictures, it is likely they have an expensive taste nonetheless. In some pictures, Grover was sported wearing an Armani Exchange jacket (though the brand is on the more affordable end compared to Emporio Armani), while his wife was seen posing with a Louis Vuitton cross-body bag worth at least Rs 25,000.

        Ashneer Grover became a household name following his appearance as a guest in the hit reality TV show – Shark Tank India. He was reportedly the richest among all the judges there. While he became a meme for some, an inspiration to some, he also took a tumble in his own professional life. It started with an audio leak purportedly of Ashneer abusing a Kotak employee over Nykaa IPO.

        Then came the reports of his differences with the board members at BharatPe, allegations of his high-handedness in running the company and more.

        While it is still too early to write an obituary on the tycoon’s career, it is safe to say that the burnt bridges at BharatPe are unlikely to be mended anytime soon.

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