Heard of the Assam thief caught making khichdi? 5 burglaries that went wrong, very wrong

Like that one stupid thief who took a break to make some quick khichdi after the act, here are some hilarious compilations of thefts gone wrong

 |  3-minute read |   13-01-2022
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A thief in Assam recently got caught by the police after his carefully planned act took an embarassing turn, thanks to his hunger pangs (I mean, you can be hungry at any time of the day, but maybe not while you have a bigger task at hand, like, idk, stealing stuff from the house you've broken into...?)

This thief's mistake cost him his freedom. Well, we bet he won't be eating khichdi very well going forward. 

The thief in Assam had a nice plan to enter Quarter Number 242 at the Public Health Engineering buliding this week. As per his plan, he broke the lock and entered the home, got his hands on the beautiful clothes and expensive items and for some reason, took a break to prepare khichdi. As the locals heard some noise in the quarter, they caught the thief red-handed. The locals tied him to a pole till the local Dispur police arrived, who then arrested the thief and reported the incident on Twitter. 

But this is not a one-off weird theft incident that turned into an epic failure. Here are 5 more weird AF thefts that will make you feel sad for the stupid thieves.


In a bizarre case, a man was caught on camera touching an idol’s feet before stealing the temple’s donation box!

In a viral CCTV footage, a man entered a temple in Maharashtra and checked his surroundings carefully. He pretended to take pictures, proceeded to go into the shrine and seek blessings from Lord Hanuman and Lord Shiva. Then, he picked the wooden box (containing Rs 1,000) near the podium and escaped the spot, only to get caught a few days later.

The CCTV footage was seen by the priest, who was absent when the incident took place, but came back to find the donation box missing. He reported the event to the police, who caught the man in a few days. 



In New York, a man was in his apartment balcony at 3 am when he got into a confrontation with a couple of women called Sarah and Kaitlin, who had just arrived at the apartment complex. While they were arguing, Sarah threw a glitter container, climbed over the balcony railing and struck him on his head and torso.

She then entered the apartment, threw more glitter containers and opened the front door to invite Kaitlin in. As they left, Sarah broke a window and they both fled the apartment. 


The police immediately got to action and found the addresses of both the women and found the car at Sarah's home. Their vehicle was warm, and was filled with glitter all around, so they knew they had found the suspect.

Also, the man's description of Sarah's clothes matched what she was wearing that same day. The police arrested them with misdemeanour and criminal mischief for kicking the window, and were released on a bond of US $75,000 each. 


What is more unusual? Having a thief welcome you in or him making a pizza in your oven??

In Oklahoma, a thief broke into a home with his two daughters. When he was inside, he slid into a pair of the homeowner’s house slippers and slid a pizza into their oven. In the meanwhile, the home-owner returned to find the door that had been forced open.

As she called 911, the burglar calmly invited her into her own home. When the police arrived, he casually mentioned that he stayed in this home. But the police caught his bluff, arrested the man and placed his two daughters in protective custody. 



A man from Minesotta broke into a Minneapolis home, stole credit cards, cash and a watch but felt something was misssing. Of course, he had to check his Facebook account! Before leaving the home, the burglar decided to use the computer to log in to his Facebook. Unfortunately, he forgot to sign out of his account. 


When the homeowner came back to find his front door unlocked, a window screen that was gone, and a random stranger’s Facebook account open on his computer, he joined the dots quickly. He shared a picture of the burglar on his profile and asked for anyone with information to call him.

That same evening, the burglar texted the homeowner and agreed to meet up. As they met, the police came in and arrested the thief on the scene.


A couple in New Jersey woke up to a loud commotion after a burglar tried to break in through a back door in their home. As the homeowners investigated, they found an intruder already on the second floor of their home. Just like the way it happens in Hollywood movies, he got startled and dove through the window on to a roof, before jumping to the ground.

The owners chased him through the yard before he hopped over the fence and ran down the street. While the burglar was hiding, he tried to get help in a way that will remind you of the movie Singham


He tried to call a getaway car through the ride-share app called Lyft. Once he ordered his ride, the burglar made his way to the street and saw a car. He approached it thinking that his life-saving lift from Lyft was here but soon realised how he had walked himself into trouble. The car turned out to be an unmarked police car and when he realised this, obviously he ran, but didn’t make it very far as the police was sure that he was the thief who had erroneously walked into their custody.

Do you know of any such funny theft stories?  


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