After Bangalore mass molestation, a disturbingly similar case from Delhi

DailyBiteJan 05, 2017 | 23:40

After Bangalore mass molestation, a disturbingly similar case from Delhi

Even as people continue to play a blame-game and shout “Not All Men”, incidents of sexual assault continue to serve as a reminder of just how unsafe India is for women. Case in point, footage of an allegedly drunk mob attacking and pelting stones at policemen, who prevented them from allegedly harassing a woman on New Year eve in Mukherjee Nagar area in Delhi, has emerged. This after the mass molestation in Bangalore on New Year’s Eve, along with CCTV footage of a woman being assaulted in Bangalore really brings to light the pathetic state of affairs in the nation.


Anil Kaushik, a police constable told News18.com, "We were standing at the barricade when we saw two people including a woman coming on a bike. There were some 200 drunk men around and they tried to stop the bike and tried grabbing the girl. We intervened and helped the girl get away. We caught two men."

Video: The Quint

"The drunk boys then came back with friends from a nearby restaurant and started pelting stones. We were few in number so we retreated to the Batra chowki. They then attacked the chowki and forced their way in to rescue their friends. They beat us with rods. Several women cops were injured by them too," he added.

The CCTV footage according to The Indian Express shows that the incident occurred between 11-11.15 pm on December 31.

The police have registered a case against unknown persons for attacking police officers and vandalising public property, and Section 354 (assault or criminal force to woman with intent to outrage her modesty) of the Indian Penal Code was added on the basis of the statement given by constable Anil Kaushik. The police have, however, not been able to identify the woman as of yet.


One has to wonder, looking at this incident, if increased law enforcement can even be a solution to such aggressive and toxic masculinity that makes men not only attack  women, but also the guardians of the law when the try to prevent something like this.

Photo: Screengrab

This devil-may-care attitude of men about hooliganism, an utter disregard for consent, respect or empathy for women, and a total blindsiding of the law is what happens when a country has public figures blaming western clothes, chow mien and victims for sexual assault, rape and molestation.

And while we have that from the politicians, we also have “men’s rights activists” who choose only moments like these to air out their limited grievances, only to spite those being faced by women. To quote the great Mulayam Singh Yadav, “Boys will be boys”, right?

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