Someone got a war item as a souvenir and the airport freaked out. Here are 7 more items you got to avoid in your bag

Your luggage can scare the hell out of people. If you are carrying unexploded shells or pink guns, you better pray your way into the airport

 |  5-minute read |   29-04-2022
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I recently had the privilege to walk into an airport with a luggage and since it was a last-minute event, I did not really have much time to check the contents of my bag. Since I wasn't really carrying a gun or a knife, I thought it would be an easy check-in. But to my dismay, my handbag was pulled out at the security check-in and two items from my bag were fished out: A 200 ml perfume bottle from Victoria's Secret (which cost a bomb btw) and a small innocent paper cutter.  

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Though carrying a perfume is prohibited, it cannot really scare anyone. But some passengers carry real scary items that can get them tested or arrested, if not just fined. Here are 6 scary items that really scared a lot of people at the airport security:  


Why would someone carry a war item as a souvenir unless their home is a musuem?  

israel-airports-auth_042922053430.jpgAn Unexploded Shell. Photo : Israel Airport Authority

A US family recently visited a place called Gollan Heights in Israel and picked up an unexploded shell as a souvenir. You should know that Gollan Heights is the area where Syria and Israel fought the 1967 war and because of the war, the place has a lot of war remnants. 

When the family showed the souvenir to the airport security at Ben Gurion airport, Israel and asked if the shell can be placed in the luggage, the official ordered the entire vicinity to be cleared. Another passenger misheard this and shouted ''terrorist shooting''. This led to panic among the passengers at the airport and forced them to run and crouch on the floor in confusion.   



In Germany, an American inadvertently triggered a security scare when he was about to board a flight to the US with two World War II-era hand grenades in his suitcase. The man was a treasure hunter who had come to Germany to find coins. But during his visit to an island in the Baltic Sea, he found the grenades and some other metal objects and decided to keep them as souvenirs.

The man was detained, questioned and the police and the firefighters came in promptly to evacuate the area.

But when the grenades were checked, they did not have any detonators but were filled with sand instead. Ofcourse, he was let go with his sand grenades. 



If you love writing short forms, you might want to think twice about what you write on your luggage when you take a flight.


When Venkata Lakshmi was travelling from Mumbai to Brisbane, she committed an innocent mistake. Since she couldn't write the full form ''Bombay to Brisbane'', she decided to manage it with short forms and wrote ‘Bomb’ to Brisbane instead. As her bunch of bags passed on the baggage conveyor belt, this caused a frenzy among other travellers and led to a serious interrogation by the Australian Federal Police.  When the cop asked the owner of the bag to open it and asked what the ‘BOMB’ written on the tag meant, she replied, ‘It’s for Bombay!'”


gettyimages-13079170_042922053455.jpgPhoto : Getty Images

For all the South Indian folks who are obsessed with adding grated nariyal in all your sabzis, here is a heads-up. Don't get one on your flight! 

Now is this mentioned in the air ticket? Yep.  

Not knowing that dried coconuts aren't allowed on a flight (because of their self heating tendencies), a woman and her mom found that their bag containing 6 coconuts was detained at the Bangalore airport when they were travelling from Bangalore to Delhi. 


We are sure this may have caused tension on arrival, especially since coconuts and celebrations usually go together.


The airline staff of an Air Asia flight to Bangkok were loading a green backpack into the plane's baggage section, when they heard a strong buzzing noise. They panicked and immediately called for the airport’s bomb disposal squad.  

pixabay---sex-326124_042922053513.jpgPhoto : Pixabay

But to their relief, the team found that the intriguing sound came from a silver bullet vibrator that had been accidentally switched on. Though the matter was controlled quickly, the passenger was not informed that their bag caused a havoc because of the sex toy.  


Got a pink and petite gun? It won't be allowed on your flight.

A woman from Virginia, USA was arrested when the security’s X-ray machine found her with a hot pink 9mm hand gun loaded with one pink-tipped bullet in her carry-on. Her weapon was confiscated when the eight other pink-tipped bullets were found in her bag.  


Though you may pine for maa ke haath ka aachar, you are unfortunately never allowed to carry pickles on a flight.

pickles-1799731_1920_042922053532.jpgPhoto : Pixabay

Why? A not-so-well packed pickle dabba can often cause an unwanted ''oil spill'' and leak out of the container to damage other passenger's luggages and clothes. This may cause customers to claim damages from the airlines, who often have to compensate the angry passengers.   

Though carrying pickles on flights was allowed till 2002, it subsequently caused a lot of issues on Indian flights. So now,one cannot carry pickles on flights.   



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