Swami Omji pees on Bani J and Rohan: Bigg Boss 10 shows India at its best

DailyTripJan 05, 2017 | 15:52

Swami Omji pees on Bani J and Rohan: Bigg Boss 10 shows India at its best

If you thought Bigg Boss 10 couldn't stoop any lower for ratings, you are very, very mistaken. In the latest episode of the reality show, the self-proclaimed godman, controversy-magnet and phenomenal imbecile Swami Omji Maharaj did the unthinkable: he peed (yes, urinated) on two of his fellow contestants. On national television.

Yes, that happened.

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In a desperate bid to be the captain of the house, Swami Omji, who has been known to be quite erratic (having issued random death threats to humans both inside and outside the house), crossed all abusurd limits set for reality shows this time. When Bigg Boss announced the captaincy task, true to form, Swami Omji unleashed his human potential in the most repulsive way, yet. 

In the task, Bani J and Swami Omji were asked to construct individual pyramids. The housemates were given the choice of supporting any contender they wished.

Swamiji’s past behaviour, which obviously did not endear him to the other contestants, made sure that everyone in the house supported Bani. A sullen Omji then decided to vent his ire by hurling abuses at the other contestants who, in turn, tried to break his pyramid.

What Omji proceeded to do is the one of the most disgusting things you can imagine: he urinated in a mug (something he has done on Bigg Boss before, during a task when he was asked not to use the restroom) and then threw its contents at Bani and Rohan. Highly enraged, Bani kicked the Swami while Rohan Mehra gave him one tight slap. The housemates then jailed Mr Baba and asked Bigg Boss to take strong action against him.

Thankfully, this incident resulted in the eviction of the hate-spewing godman. According to the Indian Express, a source from Colors confirmed: “Swami has been thrown out of the Bigg Boss house for his disgusting act. All the contestants were quite upset and Rohan and Bani couldn’t control themselves because of his pathetic behaviour. But they calmed down after some time.”

Why on earth do people watch this show? Nevermore, we say.

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