Why Sreesanth should walk away with the prize money of Bigg Boss 12

If your public image is a touchy topic for you, Bigg Boss is not your game! The former cricketer has nothing to lose when it comes to public image.

 |  4-minute read |   05-12-2018
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Nobody really wants to be part of a public spat. A heated exchange of charges and counter-charges in which we always find ourselves incoherent and struggling for words to win the moral argument, which, quite like God, we truly believe exists in the face of all logic.

But who doesn’t like being a spectator to a public spat?

No, you don’t?


Why then do you slow down when you see people expressing rage on roads? Why do you drop everything you are doing in office and focus your attention on colleagues venting out their frustration at each other? Why do you lower down the volume of your television sets and music systems when you hear your neighbours raising their voices against each other?

Why do you then watch Bigg Boss? Not for some kind of intellectual stimulation, for sure!

And nobody has tendered to human sadism quite like former cricketer S Sreesanth in the current season of Bigg Boss. It is for this reason that Sreesanth should win the show and walk back home, or where ever else he wants to, with the prize money.

sree-690_120518024310.jpgReports suggest Sreesanth slapped fellow contestant Rohit. (Source: TV grab)

The others in the house just can’t match up to the entertainment that Sreesanth has provided. Let’s face it, what can the commoner contestants offer the audience? Nobody is really interested in the dark and dirty secrets of their lives — which is if they have any.

The other celebrity contestants, to put it euphemistically, are complete bores. Dipika Kakar doesn’t have to create much drama in the house to stay relevant in the show because she apparently has a big (only in relative terms) fan following outside.

Karanvir Bohra doesn’t do much beyond instigating others to pick up fights. The only real controversy he could create was also not his creation because it took his wife Teejay Sidhu to write an open letter to show host Salman Khan after it was pointed out that the Bollywood superstar was being super mean to Bohra.

Jasleen Matharu, whose celebrity status itself is questionable, doesn’t mean much to the show post the ‘clarification’ offered by bhajan mastero Anup Jalota.  

So, if there is one contender who has really played the game according to the rules of the Bigg Boss house — which simply means to follow no rules at all — it is Sreesanth.

The tainted cricketer has not faked any mannerisms or decency that are customary of public conduct, but quite not the stuff to be displayed in the Bigg Boss house.

He has insulted women, all of which the production team of Bigg Boss found decent enough to be aired on prime time TV. He has shouted, howled, fought, abused and disrespected people.

Also, Sreesanth has added spice to the show by divulging the details of controversies surrounding his cricketing career giving people reason to tune into the show just when they were looking for options.

sreesanth-690_120518024420.jpgIf Bigg Boss is about senseless entertainment, Sreesanth has ensured people get a good deal.

Juicy cricket gossips coming out of the Bigg Boss house — does it get any better?

We bet, no!

Bigg Boss, which is a version of the British reality show Big Brother, is hardly a test of mental strength which it is supposed to be. Contestants here are not isolated from the outside world in the true sense. Every week you have Bollywood celebrities dropping in to promote their movies. Even TV actors enter the house to promote their shows.

Some are even allowed to meet their family members once in a while.

Bigg Boss is a screaming match, the stronger your vocal cords, the more likely you are to make a mark — not a point, nobody cares much about a point being made in the house.

If your public image is a touchy topic for you, Bigg Boss is not your game! Sreesanth has nothing to lose when it comes to public image. He knows it and that is why he is playing the Bigg Boss game like he is.

He deserves the prize money!

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