How Twitter pundits broke down Karnataka Assembly election

DailyBiteMay 15, 2018 | 18:57

How Twitter pundits broke down Karnataka Assembly election

War of words on Twitter not enough

It was a day full of twists and turns: from exit polls predicting a hung Assembly, to BJP getting an impressive majority, and then the JD(S) preparing to stake claim to form the government with the Congress' support. Social media, too, followed the political commotion and put out its many analyses of what was happening and why.

It was a partial rerun of what had happened in Goa and Manipur. While many social media users rejoiced that the BJP finally got a taste of its own medicine, still others were doubtful of what the governor would do, as both BJP and JD(S) have reached the governor’s house to stake claim to power.

Also, a handful of social media users pointed out that many JD(S) MLAs would actually not like to side with the Congress.

As the drama unfolded throughout the day, here's what social media dished out:

Congress shouldn't have undermined JDS

Lingayat issue backfired

What worked for BJP

What didn't work for Congress

People voted for Modi, not scam-tainted Yeddyurappa

'Have not seen any Congress workers in my area'

Tipu Jayanti row

Where is Rahul Gandhi?

On the last day of campaigning, Rahul Gandhi sounded confident as he addressd a press conference and said that the Congress was bound to come back to power in Karnataka. "The outcome of Karnataka elections is that the Congress is winning hands down," Rahul Gandhi had said. 

celebration_051518010445.jpgCelebrations in Delhi (Photo: ANI)

Crediting Hindutva is oversimplification


Indication to national victory?

Hate speech working?

Congress hopelessly outnumbered

Government officials not happy with Siddaramaiah

Congress so prepared for loss

Twitter wars not enough

In the run-up to the election, social media had witnessed intense activity as Twitter battles were not only limited to the state leaders' timelines.

Siddaramaiah, Amit Shah, Rahul Gandhi, BS Yeddyurappa were at loggerheads on Twitter, apart from the Twitter handles of the Karnataka Congress and BJP Karnataka. 

What went wrong? 

New voters were not with Congress

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