Daily Recco, July 26: The perfect indulgence on Coffee Milkshake Day today

As a coffee-lover, you would not want to miss this creamy and delicious glass of coffee milkshake on Coffee Milkshake Day today.

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Monday morning (and every morning for that matter) is unthinkable without a steaming mug of coffee for most of us. Let’s face it: how many of us can go without that caffeine kick? One, two, three and then many many more cups a day. Coffee is not a drink; it is an emotion for many.  

Considered to be one of the most salubrious beverages around, coffee is akin to a lifeline for many. Come summers, the steaming cuppa paves the way to a tall glass of cold milkshake. And today happens to be a day to celebrate our love for the morning (and evening) elixir — it is Coffee Milkshake Day.

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We share with you the recipe for the perfect coffee milkshake — deliciously thick and loaded with flavour. It is easy to throw together and super-quick to make for a perfect indulgent coffee treat. We believe that it is perfect. Try this out and you will find yourself nodding in agreement.

What you’ll need:

Three-fourths cup of milk

Two tablespoons of instant coffee granules

Two tablespoons of drinking cocoa powder

Four to five scoops of vanilla ice cream

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How to:

Add the milk, coffee, cocoa powder and ice cream to a blender or food processor, and blend until smooth and combined.

Pour into glasses and serve immediately. Preferably, don’t make it in advance and store it in the fridge — the flavour is best savoured fresh.

You can use any type of milk — half-toned, whole milk, almond milk or oat milk — any milk goes well with this recipe.

Feel free to alternate between vanilla and chocolate ice cream.

Instead of drinking cocoa, you can use chocolate-flavoured milkshake powders.

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