Wang went to a blind date's house. China put the city on lockdown. She is still stuck there

A Chinese woman was enjoying her dinner at a man's house, on a blind date, when China announced a Covid lockdown in her city. She is still stuck on her blind date.

 |  2-minute read |   13-01-2022
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Lockdown can be boring after some time (if you have nothing to do). Internet and good food are on the top of the lockdown basics list. For all the single people out there, having a partner too could have made this period easier. Well, before you all switch to your imaginary world, let me tell you a real story where a girl got stuck with her blind date and has everything - a date, food (cooked by her date), and internet.

But it is hardly anything like you think it is.

WHAT HAPPENED: Due to an increasing number of cases, China has implemented a sudden lockdown in many parts of the country. China is following a zero-Covid policy, under which swift lockdowns are frequently implemented in places with Covid cases.

Zhengzhou, a city in China, has reported more than 100 positive cases of the Delta and Omicron variant. As a precautionary measure, a city-wide lockdown was implemented last week.


thumbnail_covid-647x_011322031206.jpgIllustration: Seemon, DailyO

As the city was locking down abruptly last Wednesday, a Chinese woman identified with her surname Wang was enjoying a nice dinner on a blind date. Little did she know then that her first date would become neverending.

Wang vlogged her experience and shared it on WeChat. In the vlog, she showed how her neverending first date is going.


Wang came to Zhengzhou for a week-long trip to meet her potential match. According to an AFP report, Wang told Shanghai-based publication The Paper, “I'm getting old now, my family introduced me to ten matches...”

And she did not know some big surprises were waiting for her.

The fifth date wanted to show off his cooking skills, and invited her over to his house for dinner. As she was enjoying the dinner, the city was put under lockdown and she couldn’t leave.

SO, HOW IS IT GOING? Wang has been constantly updating everyone on the social media platform about her date. Her date is still cooking meals for her. So, good food – check, a date –check. The imaginary world you were trying to build in the beginning is a reality for Wang.

But it is not as good as it sounds.

In the vlog, Wang shared that her date is not what she wants (perils of a bilnd date, well). She wants to be with a talkative person, and the guy is “as mute as a wooden mannequin” and “the food is mediocre”; but he is still cooking, which she thinks is great.

wang-blog-647_011322031644.jpgScreenshot of Wang's vlog. Photo: Twitter

Her story went viral, and she had to delete the videos. On Tuesday, she posted a video explaining that the vlog is affecting her date’s life, so she had to take them down.

Have you had a similar experience? Let us know.


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