OnlyFans star Karlie Brooks leaks text from uncle who found her there, asked for Riley Reid

OnlyFans star Karlie Brooks recently received a message from her uncle. She was not very happy with it.

 |  3-minute read |   28-01-2022
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OnlyFans stars are regularly subjected to hate comments and criticism from just about anyone on the platform, but what does a star do when their family member texts them about it? An OnlyFans star for the past 5 years, Karlie Brooks recently received a message from her uncle.

This uncle saw a video of hers and sent a message that said, "Hey kiddo! This is your uncle. I think I might have stumbled across a video of you today ... very nice. Do you happen to know Riley Reid? Also do you have an OnlyFans? My friend wants to know."

Karlie went on to post a screenshot of this message on her TikTok channel. It is not known whether she responded to the uncle or not.

Photo:TikTok @karliebrooksxx/ New York PostPhoto:TikTok @karliebrooksxx/ New York Post

Now, if this were a regular conversation, that message is absolutely not problematic but the fact that he saw her OnlyFans and then sent it is what makes it creepy on multiple levels. Let's break down why. 

Starting a message with 'kiddo' when you're talking about your niece's OnlyFans account is just unacceptable on So. Many. Levels.

Then we get to the crux of this travesty with the 'very nice'. I am speechless. If that doesn't give you the 'ick' and your gut doesn't scream 'RUN', then I don't what will. 

The uncle then evidently assumed that all adult film stars know each other and Karlie is best buds with Riley Reid (a very famous and award-winning porn actor) which honestly says a lot about the uncle.

And then finally; the last straw, the final dart left to throw:

'My friend wants to know' is painfully creepy. Everyone on God's green Earth knows that saying 'my friend wants to know' is basically a way of asking things for yourself without publicising it. And if it really is for a friend, what kind of uncle gives their niece's OnlyFans to their friends?! #AskingForAFriend.

At this point if I could, I would pretty much just wash my eyes with Dettol.

Fortunately, my sentiments are shared by multiple TikTok users who have responded in support of Karlie. One person wrote on her post, "That is so many levels of uncomfy", while another added, "Whoaaaa uncle chill out and say NOTHING...".


The video ultimately went viral and sparked more posts on her TikTok channel as she answered questions from her fans. Karlie clarified that she had gone undetected by her family for about 5 years since her OnlyFans debut. The TikTok video has now received more than 8.6 million views.

But instead of being disowned by her family, according to a later post, Karlie’s parents are showing support towards her. In a newer TikTok video, Karlie shows texts from her ‘Mormon mom’.

In the text chain, Karlie's mom addresses her daughter by her stage name and tells her that Karlie's aunt found some of Karlie's OnlyFans content on (presumably) her uncle’s phone.

Photo:TikTok @karliebrooksxx/ MetroUKPhoto:TikTok @karliebrooksxx/ MetroUK

In the last screenshot shared by Karlie, her mum agrees that the uncle ‘is a total creep’ and says, "Not to freak you out or anything but that’s not the only thing she (aunt) found… it gets worse." I genuinely do not want to image how it could possibly be worse.

Karlie's mother also says in the text messages that Karlie’s father is planning on getting a restraining order on her uncle. The text chain ends with 'We love you and are proud of you'.

Just because Karlie has an OnlyFans account does not mean it gives people like her uncle the liberty to behave in such manner. The overall support she has received from her family and on TikTok is applaudable and inspiring. And precisely what it should be like to battle creepy uncles like Karlie's.


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