Why five is the luckiest number for Diwali

Puja Jodhani
Puja JodhaniOct 14, 2017 | 21:10

Why five is the luckiest number for Diwali

People ask me why Diwali is celebrated over a span of five days. The reasons are many but primarily it is a unique combination of mythology and beliefs.

From Dhanteras to Bhai Dooj, Diwali is a five-day festival. Five is perhaps the luckiest and most important number for Diwali.

The reason is not rocket science, it's extremely simple and symbolic.

We have five senses and each is equally important.


So here are five things to do this Diwali to activate the five senses and keep wealth coming in.

Start doing Dipak Puja from Dhanteras

Light five diyas on all five nights so that money floods your life throughout the year.

Lighting of diyas should be done with an intention to invite Goddess Laxmi in the house through the purity of fire.


Make these five diyas out of wheat flour dough. This is a token of prosperity.

If possible, fill with ghee and light batis (threads made of cotton) just on the threshold of your house to attract purity because ghee is one of the purest forms of food.

Special bath to activate all senses

Take a bath with rock salt, few tulsi leaves and few drops of cinnamon oil all the five days of Diwali.

This keeps positive energy alive for five days, and you set the ball rolling to clear hindrances in the way of money.

Keep five ladoos in front of Ganeshji on the Diwali day and five batasas in front of Goddess Laxmi

Five represents five elements of human body.

Doing this will balance your body elements keeping you fit and healthy and then you can take meaningful actions in life.


Select five colours for five days

Ensure you wear bright coloured clothes especially green, orange, saffron, red and yellow. The brighter the colour, the better the activation of senses.

Make rangoli (traditional decoration done on the floor) out of grains in the house

Choose pulses in five colours or spices or grains and make a rangoli near the altar. This will ensure a good supply of food the entire year.

Diwali signifies prosperity so don't get stressed and just make a simple circle to avoid exhausting your creative juices in designing.

After all we say Happy Diwali!

Last updated: October 20, 2017 | 19:01
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