Donald Trump, Rahul Dravid, GoT, kindness: How walls have the most interesting stories to tell

Meet a wall which is joining people rather than keeping them apart.

 |  2-minute read |   14-01-2019
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Recently, as we celebrated Rahul Dravid’s birthday on January 11, we remembered the ‘wall’ that he was — strength and responsibility personified. Coincidentally, it was the same week when two Indian cricketers who apparently can't handle their celeb status came under fire for some pretty irresponsible comments.

At the same time, the United States is going through the longest partial shutdown of its history. Here again, there is a wall — a wall, now termed the 'white whale' of Trump’s presidency.

trump_011419053636.jpgThe 'wall' that he wants to be. (Photo: Reuters)

Donald Trump has refused to see a funding Bill passed without more than $5 billion allocated to the construction of the southern border wall. The one that will, he says, keep migrants out.

Then, there is yet another wall Game of Thrones fans will vouch for. The trailer has been released and, in all probability, the Wall that kept the white walkers and wildlings from invading the Seven Kingdoms will come crashing down in the final season (April 2019).

The Berlin wall. The China wall. 

But amidst all these tales of walls, the one which we need more than all is the wall of kindness.

It is not a wall.

wall-of-kindness_011419053649.jpgWalls that unite us, from Iran to Kashmir. (Photo: Reuters)

It is a movement that started for the homeless people of Mashhad, Iran, in 2015. People used to hang clothes on these walls. Not only cold climes, those cities were also facing a tough economic situation at that time. This was not a photo opportunity. The donors remained anonymous. 

The movement inspired a similar one in Tehran, where the initiative taken was of open fridges. Bookshelves were also added to this move later, with one of the best gifts we can give, books.

The story of how these walls and the underlying emotions of kindness, the urge to stand by the needy, spread across countries defying the imaginary walls we are fighting over every day is just amazing. From Karachi to Kashmir, Allahabad to Hyderabad — kindness spread; it became 'neki ki deewar' in various cities.

winter_011419053701.jpgWinter is here. We need kindness. (Photo: Twitter)

In Delhi, too, as Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal blames the LG following the death of 44 people in the cold, there are walls of kindness springing up.

The best walls are those which teach us to love! And a few ways to break down solid walls.

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