How not to address infertility? Learn from Ekta Kapoor!

The very people who are slamming the serial Yeh Hain Mohabbatein on Twitter for being regressive are those who watch it.

 |  3-minute read |   29-05-2018
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The fact that Hindi television serials are regressive beyond imagination needs no confirmation. But the recent uproar over Raman, the protagonist of Yeh Hain Mohabbatein, cursing his wife that she would be infertile in her next birth, and television czarina Ekta Kapoor’s clarification, betray a disturbing truth about television and its viewers.

The serial has been on air since 2013. Now, the storyline will take a leap and a promo of its new look has been released.

As it shows, things have started moving rapidly, all of a sudden. For the regular television audience, this does not come across as a surprise. More often than not, serials take such fast-forward routes to come to a convincing conclusion quickly.

In most cases, they are under pressure from the channel authorities to wrap up and make place for a more viable show.

The case of YHM is strange. Dr Ishita, the character essayed by Divyanka Tripathi, has been shown as being incapable of having children. She was emotionally attached to Raman’s (essayed by Karan Patel) daughter from his first marriage. Later, Raman and Ishita got married.

And the viewers were kept glued to their television sets to see the day when Ishita is abused by Raman for her infertility.

yhm1_052918074313.jpgKaran abusing Ishita for infertility led to a massive outrage on social media.

So, serials don’t have any responsibility

At a time when serial makers have no qualms showing snakes raping women (Naagin 3 promo), it is too much to ask for an apology for treating a serious issue like infertility with so much insensitivity.

The issue over infertility could have been a mirror to the society, sending across a stern message of how not to treat infertility. But no, this is Hindi television.  

Karan abusing Ishita for infertility led to massive outrage on social media. Now, the outrage has two parts. One part of it was against besmirching the narrative of Karan’s character. The other part represented the saner voice. They asked Ekta Kapoor how she could even afford to make a character abuse his wife over infertility.

Facing backlash from the viewers, Ekta Kapoor clarified her stand on Twitter. It could not have been any more blatant. She snubbed her viewers and explained that it is not always possible to take the storyline according to viewers' demands.

The creative team has to keep in mind the television rating points (TRPs).   

Why don’t we stop watching?

In another blow to her audience, the producer also said that those who have a problem with it, actually have an easy solution. Switch off the television set.

This piece of advice, though not expected from a producer who must take pride in the clout she enjoys in every household, leads to more pathetic revelations.  

The very people who are slamming the serial on Twitter for being regressive are actually those who watch it.

And this is exactly why there will never be any dearth of Naagins and Sasural Simar Ka for the Indian audience.  

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