Daily Recco, May 25: Chill with a glass of falooda brimming with goodness

A Persian delight, tuned to Indian fantasies, packed with nutrients and something to chill with this summer. Say cheers to the glass of falooda!

 |  1-minute read |   25-05-2021
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Think summer and it is hard to miss the falooda. The Indian variant of the Persian dish faloodeh is a cold delight made with fine noodles, ice cream and rose syrup. Topped with a generous dose of sabja (basil) seeds, falooda makes for a powerhouse of nutrition, packed with immunity-boosting properties.


We would not want you to miss out on this super-dessert for anything in the world.

What you’ll need:

One tablespoon basil seeds

Half a cup of thin corn-starch vermicelli

Four cups of milk

Three tablespoons of sugar

A quarter cup of rose syrup

One cup of strawberry jelly

Two scoops of vanilla icecream

For garnish:

Two tablespoons of candied fruits or Tutti frutti

Two tablespoons of assorted nuts, chopped

How to:

You will need a tall glass for falooda to layer the ingredients.

First layer the rose syrup. Without disturbing the syrup, add the basil seeds soaked in water.

Next, add the cooked vermicelli, and over this pour chilled milk. Then add the jelly and the ice cream.

By now your glass would be filled to the brim. Garnish with tutti frutti and nuts.

For an additional delight, drizzle some more rose syrup on the top.

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