The Fanta Maggi viral video from Ghaziabad has left doctors mighty shocked. This is why

A viral video of a Ghaziabad vendor is making headlines these days as he cooks Maggi in Fanta. We asked doctors why this trend is not worth a try and you'll be surprised to know why.

 |  2-minute read |   23-11-2021
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Food blogging has made an industry out of weird food combinations. After chocolate momos and Oreo pakoda, the newest bizarre food in town is Fanta Maggi. In a viral Instagram video, a vendor from Ghaziabad can be seen cooking Maggi in the famous soft drink Fanta instead of water. Yes, it is a very stupid idea. But we'll get to it in a while.

The vendor sells a plate of Maggi for Rs 30, with an extra Rs 40 for the soft drink if you want your Maggi cooked in it. But this mere 70 rupees' dish can take a toll on your health in more ways than one.

Food blogger Amar Sirhohi posted the video on his Instagram page, and Fanta Maggi has more than a million views. In the video, you can see the vendor using Fanta and not even a single drop of water for cooking Maggi.



Are you speechless yet? Because we are. What is more astonishing is the reaction of the blogger who said, “I am surprised how this can taste so good.” Err...


If you are one of those who are willing to try the Fanta Maggi, here are some red flags to stop you.

Heating a carbonated drink that is loaded with sugar, and then consuming it, can wreak havoc on your digestive system. To understand why Fanta Maggi is not that great an idea, we spoke to Dr Aditya S Chowti, Senior Consultant Internal Medicine, Fortis Hospital, Bengaluru.


Dr Aditya revealed, “This is a ridiculous combination. Fanta contains high concentrate fructose corn syrup, sodium benzoate and food colouring including yellow 5, 6 and red 20. Cooking food in Fanta will evaporate all the water content, leaving behind a high concentrated solution.”

"It (soft drink) is not an adequate cooking medium. Such drinks should come with a warning that one should not heat them and definitely should not use them for boiling food," he added.

Well, now you would want to question your intentions to try this. Wait, there’s more (let’s scare you properly).

Dr Shalini Bliss, HOD Dietitian at Manipal hospital, Gurugram, also shared some interesting insights. She called it "a combination of two unhealthy foods” which can lead to issues like “acidity, bloating, fluctuations in blood sugar levels depending on the overall health of the person who is consuming it”.


We hope now you have enough reasons to give this viral food combo a pass. Other than being disgusting, it is a bad combination for your digestive health too.


Making a dance video on a trending song is absolutely fine! But trying something bizarre with half the information can do more harm than the number of views, likes and comments you’ll get. Dr Shalini also had a point: “Why doesn’t something healthy go viral, like a healthy yet tasty snack?”

So, now that we have (successfully, we hope) scared you, you might want to make Maggi the simpler way, no? If not, let us know why.

(PS: Leave Maggi alone. Please. Please.)


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