Salman Khan in 'Bharat': Why Salman will soon present something we’ve never seen before

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Salman Khan in 'Bharat': Why Salman will soon present something we’ve never seen before

...As an ordinary man who has nothing to do with Race 3 or Tiger Zinda Hai.

On various social media platforms, there often runs an application which tells you how you would look when you age.

Yes, we are that fascinated with age and youth! We fall for it, share our 'old-looking' photos, and maybe feel happy.

But Bollywood never ages — not in real life, not even on screen.

That’s how we get our 50, sorry, 40-something heroes happily essaying the roles of college kids.


Sometimes, a brave star breaks the mould. When Aamir Khan played a father in Dangal and put on weight to portray an ageing wrestling trainer, it worked magic at the box office.

And the same is going to happen for Bharat — we know it’s going to present something we never saw before.

An old Salman Khan.

Salman Khan is 54 years old.

But the responsibilities of ‘employing’ each member of his family (including Katrina Kaif and on occasion, Daisy Shah) and, at the same time, delivering a few 300-crore club films have not made him old yet.

He is still the dazzling hero who comes on screen through cars zooming past and crashing thrillingly, and then declaims the dialogues of the year. 

Bharat is an official adaptation of Ode To My Father. (Photo: Twitter/Wikipedia)

The first look of Bharat promises something completely different though. An old Salman Khan — poised and philosophical, who will probably tell his story to a younger generation with swag like, jitney safed baal mere sar aur dhaadi mein hain, use kahin zyada rangeen meri zindagi rahi hain (My life has been more colourful than the white in my hair and beard).


And his colourful story will also be the story of a nation.

Bharat is an official adaptation of the Korean film Ode to My Father which traced the history of Korea, the Korean War, the Vietnam war, etc.

Placing that story in the context of India will surely involve Partition, the post-Partition struggle, the 1971 war, etc. 

The film will release on June 5, after the dust of the election settles.

The first look gives away that vintage feel in the sepia background in which we see Salman — his face bearing the brunt of time, each wrinkle telling a different story, eyebags betraying what all those eyes have seen. The shiny frame of the spectacles is the only thing that belongs to the present. The coat he is wearing on the poster reveals glimpses of his childhood — Partition, train, his father (essayed by Jackie Shroff), et al.

Bharat has seen a lot of storms — mostly because of Priyanka Chopra's entry and exit. The Salman Khan home production — produced by Atul Agnihotri (Salman's brother-in-law) and Alvira Agnihotri — finally finds the rallying point: the man himself.


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