Oh, Imran and Reham Khan, how could you do this?

DailyBiteOct 30, 2015 | 13:58

Oh, Imran and Reham Khan, how could you do this?

How could you?

That too, on such a pattivrata day for India? Karva Chauth?

You were so beautiful and spirited Reham, and Imran, well, you're ageing, but o so gracefully? So what if the Begum Brigade couldn't make you prime minister, you're still a relatively young man, and have more hair than Nawaz Sharif even after his hair weave.

So what happened?

You made such a beautiful couple, and indeed a family, his two and your three.

So what are the lessons from your short-lived union?

#1. Don't treat interviews as dates. So sparks flew when Reham interviewed Imran? And Imran didn't check out her ex husband and his long story about being treated shabbily by her? Moral of the story? Ask Daily Mail to do due diligence on your future wife next time you marry. 

#2. Don't buy into the Imran myth. A western education doesn't guarantee a progressive mindset. Perhaps The Tehreek-i-Insaf chief is not as accepting of a woman, even if his wife, trying to gain access to a party he has so assiduously built up around him. 

#3. If the couple denies a split vigorously, it's probably true. Both of them were furious. Remember your tweets?

Imran and Reham’s denial over marriage collapse rumours a month ago


And remember the advertisements Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford issued just before they split? I rest my case. The furiouser the couple, the greater the greater the chance of divorce.

#4. Always find time to get a united moniker. Chances of splitting up get delayed or forever postponed. Brangelina, Saifina. If you ain't got it, it's not built to last.

#5. Make sure you exorcise the ghosts of exes past. Reports surfaced of Imran staying with ex wife Jemima in London when he visited recently. Now how can Reham possibly compete with a Goldsmith, with two strapping Goldsmiths-Khan sons?

And guess what?


I'm falling for him. I do love a wrong'un

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