GoT Finale: 5 things we learnt from the Game of Thrones final show

Bua-bhatija alliances are jinxed. Just saying!

 |  2-minute read |   20-05-2019
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You may love it or hate it. But the finale of Game of Thrones is apocalyptic. We should take a lesson or two from our cumulative knowledge gathered over a period of eight years.

Alliances (of bua-bhatija) are thorny

alliance_052019013128.jpgIt's the season of falling alliances, it seems. (Photo: HBO)

It may seem the need of the hour. But after what we have witnessed, it is not something very advisable from now on.

We think these kinds of alliances are bound to fail. 

Those who sit and watch win

bran_052019021437.jpgRelax and meditate. That will take you a long way. (Photo: HBO)

Don't hustle. Sit back and relax. Things will come to you. People will fight and kill each other. You don't need to get worked up. Just sit back and relax — like Brandon Stark. He was a jumpy kid. Then he lost his legs and gained knowledge instead.

Nepotism and family lineage may take you forward till seven seasons of your life.

But destiny will rule the eighth season.

Meditation is important

You won't believe this, but tell me honestly, what did Brandon Stark do all these years? He meditated, sitting on a chair. He didn't hold any press conference either! 

The throne will vanish

throne_052019021815.jpgAll desired things will go up in flames. True. (Photo: HBO)

And this is not only about the throne. It symbolises everything that you are chasing. They will all vanish suddenly under unrealistic circumstances. Like, who would have imagined that the iron throne for which we all gave up precious eight years of our lives will melt in dragon fire? 

Yes. Life is like that. All calculations will go wrong. 

Never ever leave your pets

pet_052019022011.jpgIn death and exile: The one true friend we have. (Photo: HBO)

Finally, pets are the actual loves of our lives.

Be it a dragon or a werewolf.

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