Forget love stories. Read these five tales from the Great Indian Arranged Marriage!

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Forget love stories. Read these five tales from the Great Indian Arranged Marriage!

Love is for kids. Marriage is for adults. Arranged marriage is truly for legends.

Love is for kids. Marriage is for adults. Arranged marriage is truly for legends.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, forget love stories. We bring you tales of five arranged marriages, that are, well, legendary.

Ye haseen vadiyan

Romance to a lot of us will always mean that beautiful song from Roja. But what if snow, instead of serving as an aesthetic backdrop, acted as an impediment?

On January 25, a groom in Uttarakhand found his wedding procession blocked due to snowfall. The roads were closed, making it impossible to drive. But the man had promises to keep.

Snow is not always kind co-conspirator. Snow is not always a kind co-conspirator for love! (Photo: YouTube screengrab/Still from Roja)

So he gathered only the ‘essential’ family members — those needed for wedding rituals — and decided to walk to the bride’s house instead. The party of 25 walked 6km in heavy snow, and the wedding duly took place. We wish the couple a happy, warm life ahead.

Ye khula asman

The course of arranged marriages, like that of true love, does not always run smooth.

Around the same time when our admirable groom from Uttarakhand was preparing for his trek in the snow, less pleasant scenes were playing out in Madhya Pradesh’s Ratlam. For one of the ceremonies, the bride wanted to wear an evening gown. The groom’s family wanted her to put on Indian attire — and also cover her head. The argument escalated to a point where the police had to intervene. The bride finally decided to call off the wedding, keeping her head and her horizons free of unnecessary covers.

Infirm resolve

Love has been known to set romance heroines of yore atremble — but our present-day, non-romantic heroine decided to call off her marriage when she saw the groom trembling. The bride, from a Ludhiana village, claimed the ‘constant shivering’ of the groom pointed to a ‘prolonged ailment or disability’. The groom claimed he had fever.

Matters reached a fever pitch of excitement, with both families clashing. But ultimately, the bride’s decision prevailed.

Football-Shootball Hai Rabba!

Marriage, they say, is a match made in heaven. This groom moved heaven and earth for a very earthly match. Ridvan, a Kerala resident, plays for FIFA Menjeri, a team in Malappuram 7s League. On his wedding day, his team needed him. And he responded to the call, telling his bride he would ‘be back in five minutes’.

The good thing is, Ridvan won the match. Better still is that his passion for the sport got him noticed by Union Minister of State for Youth Affairs and Sports, Rajyavardhan Rathore.

Game, set, match: After his football match, Ridvan also managed to take care of his other match.  Game, set, match: After his football game, Ridvan also managed to take care of his 'other' match. (Photo: India Today)

But the best thing is the accommodating bride decided to wait — and the wedding was concluded without a hitch.

Heart mein bullet!

We’ve saved the best for the last. A bride was accidentally shot at during her wedding. She decided to get the wound dressed and come back for the pheras.

Goli ko maaro goli.

Just two weeks ago in Delhi (where else?), a 19-year-old bride was shot in the foot by a wedding guest firing ‘celebratory shots’. The poor girl fainted, but her resolve wasn’t faint. She went to the hospital, received first aid, and came back for the rituals. We hope someone played Bullet For My Valentine during the pheras.  

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