We're roasting The Jonas Brothers Family Roast in 20 points

One of the biggest boy bands of the 2000s, the Jonas Brothers came together for a Jonas Brothers Family Roast on Netflix. Here is a 20-point compilation of the show and a rating of each person's segment.

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One of the biggest boy bands of the 2000s, the Jonas Brothers (Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas) came together for a Jonas Brothers Family Roast on Netflix. The hour and a half show directed by Alex Van Wagner dropped on November 23.

All in all, I laughed more than I thought I would and liked the roasts. Here is a 20-point compilation of the show and a rating for each person's segment.

MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD: I suggest you don't read ahead if you haven't watched the roast because it is totally worth watching.

1. Okay people, the opening scene is a breakfast shot of the brothers. Nice little debate on acai bowls, glad to see that just like me, they too can't figure out its pronounciation. (It's pronouced a-sai, actually, like Joe does.) 

2. OHHHHH, so there is a Jonas Brothers Fight Club (am I supposed to talk about this? Eh, who cares) and this was definitely funny.

3. I love this Marvel sequence and Camp Rock flashback (Go 2000s!).

4. This roast has the Jonas brothers, their wives, Lilly Singh, Dr Phil, Niall Horan, Jack Whitehall, John Legend and... Pete Davidson. It's surprising how Pete is able to fit himself in into Every. Single. Roast.

5. We're starting with a Jonas Brothers 'recap'. I feel old right now. Kenan Thompson (the host) just described Kevin as 'every Destiny's Child needs a Michelle Williams' and Joe as 'a glass of milk that came alive' which made me laugh a little too hard. 

6. The 'official' roast is starting with Lilly Singh. Though she roasted all the brothers, she focused more on Kevin which I'm guessing is only because he's an easy target. I rate her roast 7/10. 

7. Pete emerged from the audience and actually cracked a couple of good ones. I quite liked his bit. I rate it: 8/10. 

8. Kenan just introduced Priyanka and she made a joke about TikTok and the brothers' follower count, which the audience loved. Priyanka also went THERE about Nick and her future family and the look on Nick's face was priceless. It made me want to rewind and watch that joke again. Rating: 8/10.

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9. John Legend is singing, everyone!! This may be the most melodious roast of all time. Plus he keeps calling them 'not the Beatles' and that definitely must have hurt. I rate: 9/10.

10. Joe is the best-dressed, btw. Roast-appropriate attire, for sure. Chic and casual. I would wear that outfit and if I search hard enough, I'm pretty sure I'll find it in my closet. 

11. There is rugby/American football game happening in the same style as 00s teen movies and the hero is Kevin. I don't know what to say here. #ShouldHaveGoneWithJoe

12. Pete Davidson is here, again, as Franklin Jonas. This time his jokes do not land. Rating: 2/10.

13. Never in my life did I think Dr Phil would appear on a roast, although he does love inserting himself in family dramas so maybe it does make sense. Rating: 4/10.

14. Danielle is here and I quite like how she's roasting Kevin. Got to say, the milkman joke is a little too old, Danielle. Rating: 8/10.

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15. Personally, I quite like Jack Whitehall and he did not disapoint. The comedian roasted the brothers in the most British way possible and the audience and I loved it. He also called Nick the 'Meghan Markle of Pop' and had a tattoo of the group. The man was really committed. Rating: 9/10. 

16. Okay, we're watching Niall Horan's roast at a spin class. I strongly recommend that you watch this bit even if you don't watch the entire roast. Rating: 9/10.

17. I am a huge fan of Sophie-Joe (no, I'm not jealous of their relationship. Who told you that?). Sophie is finally here and starts off very strong with the purity rings. She keeps it up all throughout her roast, proving that she really is Queen of the North. Rating: 8.75/10. 

18. It was during Kevin's roast that I found out he was once People's Sexiest Man Alive and Joe was in Zoolander 2. Ah, the things you discover. Rating: 6/10.

19. Joe's monotony during his roast was weirdly calming and he made some really personal jokes on Nick and Kevin's childhood. During his entire bit, I'm pretty sure I was either gasping or laughing. Rating: 8/10.

20. Both Joe and Nick really came after Kevin's teenage sex life which gave me a lot of second-hand embarrasment. Rating: 7/10.

If you're watching The Jonas Brothers Family Roast, or have already seen it, let us know what you think about the roast.


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