Why Kapil Sharma has stopped being funny

The comedian seems to have lost his sense of humour. He is making news, and for all the wrong reasons.

 |  4-minute read |   11-04-2018
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Becoming a popular television star is hardly easy. All kinds of shows are on offer. Too many competitors are in the fray, each searching for 15 seconds of fame. And, more.

Each participant in this neverending rat race is in search of committed viewers, who are usually restless. Equipped with the remote, they move on from one channel to the other the moment they feel a little bored or if there is that long ad break.

Sense of humour

Working in an environment fraught with challenges, comedian Kapil Sharma found stardom. Seekers of subtlety might insist that Sharma’s rise was propelled by plain good luck. But, the truth is, the majority had fallen in love with the man after watching him in the comedy show – The Great Indian Laughter Challenge. After Comedy Nights with Kapil, Sharma’s next big show was The Kapil Sharma Show, which enjoyed its time under the sun before the man himself brought it down with his now-infamous brand of unprofessionalism.

Today, Sharma seems to have lost his sense of humour. He is making news, and for all the wrong reasons. First, he hurled a series of coarse tweets, in which he attacked the editor of an entertainment website for depicting him in a negative light.

He accused the media of defaming him, and also expressed his indignation over Salman Khan’s conviction in the blackbuck poaching case. Sharma’s beleaguered team spread the story that the comedian’s account had been hacked. But the man eventually admitted that he himself had posted the tweets — a strange turnaround affirming his decision to stand by his abusive language.

A telephonic war of words between Sharma and the editor made news after the latter made the text of the conversation public. Sharma blamed the editor for orchestrating a malicious campaign against him in connivance with his former managers Preeti Simoes and her sister Neeti. He stooped to vulgarity unhesitatingly, which was appalling.

Indiscreet discussions on his mental health must be avoided. Having said that, what is wrong with him? His arrogance has touched new heights. He has handled success pitiably, which has also made him an unpredictable person.

After emerging out of near-nowhere, he had become a star, leading to a show like Comedy Nights with Kapil in 2013, which experienced considerable success before going off air in 2016. The Kapil Sharma Show, another show named after him, started off well in the same year. But, its downfall began after Sharma had a widely reported feud with fellow comedian Sunil Grover. The show went off air last year, which might have caused him unnecessary stress.


Bad publicity

His comeback with Family Time with Kapil Sharma did not receive the kind of welcome he might have imagined it would. He inflicted a big blow on the show’s future by not turning up for shooting.

The channel, which does not have a bank of episodes, failed to shoot new episodes because of his absence. This gave rise to bad publicity, including reports that he was suffering from depression and drinking problems. Sharma didn’t need it.

Sharma has been a frequent presence in big shows such as awards functions. He has rubbed shoulders with the likes of Karan Johar and Shah Rukh Khan in the role of a co-host. Big stars have enjoyed his jokes even if they have been directed at them, a quality common to his comedy and celebrity talk shows. He appears to have taken his acceptance a little too seriously, which has bred vanity deep inside.

Unusual growth

The story of his growth is unusual — not unlike his decision to act in films. Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon, his first film in Hindi, did modestly well at the box-office. What about his acting? He was less bad than many thought he would be, and his fans weren’t disappointed either. Firangi, his second film, tanked. His performance was outright amateurish, showing that he didn’t have what it takes to be an actor. The failure of Firangi might have hit him hard.

The feud between Sharma and the entertainment website is unlikely to die down anytime soon. No matter what comes out of it, the comedian needs to mend his ways. He must not forget that too many people must be wary of him. Such has been his conduct that industry professionals who have worked with him — or can — will have second thoughts before agreeing to join him in his new ventures.

Indian fans are famously forgiving. If Salman Khan can be deified even today, the comedian, in his own way, can make a comeback. But he must sort out his act and convince everybody that he is a changed man. That is possible, although habits die hard.

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