Karan Johar saying Kangana Ranaut is playing 'victim' is also sexism

DailyBiteMar 06, 2017 | 18:25

Karan Johar saying Kangana Ranaut is playing 'victim' is also sexism

If you think Karan Johar is only basking in his newly attained parenthood, the filmmaker is back to stirring the coffee pot with assorted flavours of gossip and controversy.

Days after Kangana Ranaut lashed out at Johar in his talk show — Koffee with Karan —  KJo has turned the table on her and said he is tired of "Kangana playing the woman and victim card". "I am done! You cannot be this victim at every given point of time who has a sad story to tell about how you’ve been terrorised by the bad world of the industry… leave it.”

The filmmaker retouched the controversy during a recent speech at the London School of Economics.

So, why did he not respond to her on the show? Did he really have to wait for so long to gather his wits?

Well, he says he was gracious enough to let Kangana speak her mind at his chat show, but he doesn't think she has understood the entire meaning of the term "nepotism".

“She was my guest and I had to hear what she had to say. She has a right to have an opinion. When she says ‘flag-bearer of nepotism’, I just want to say, I am glad she knows what it all means.

I don’t think she has understood the entire meaning of the term. What is nepotism… am I working with my nieces, nephews, daughters, cousins? And what about those 15 filmmakers, who are not from the film industry, who I have launched and who did the movies. That we’re not going to talk about! Tarun Mansukhani, Puneet Malhotra, Shakun Batra, Shashank Khaitan… they all come from no film background. You give these people film careers and they have a platform to stand on and that’s the reverse of nepotism,” he added.

Making her debut in Koffee with Karan, Kangana didn't hold back from calling her host an elitist, or telling him that he encourages nepotism. She even told him how he once made fun of her English and that episode inspired her to do better.

When he asked her if it bothers her that some of her industry peers still don't recognise her even after delivering a Rs 150-plus-crore hit in Tanu Weds Manu Returns, Ranaut, said, "No, I don't seek it from people like Karan Johar for sure. There are people I look up to and who can make a difference by simply acknowledging and appreciating you work."

Johar is known for pushing his guests to touch upon controversial topics often leading the stars to end up with serious foot-in-mouth situations. But with Ranaut, he dug his own grave as she questioned his integrity besides shutting him up with some honest answers to questions that could have led to potential controversies.

Although he did try his best to sound cool about it during the show with a lame smile, reacting to her jibes now only shows how fragile his ego is. It also proves why adding fire to frivolous gossip on TV show is not what talk shows with leading celebs should be about.

It's also time for Johar to either reformat his show, which mostly incites celebs to talk behind the back of their colleagues, or refrain from inviting woman actors who speak their mind.

One small piece of advice: When women talk about victimisation, they are not necessarily playing the victim card. And when someone is showing their vulnerable side, you don't exploit it to stir another controversy.

Most importantly, you don't attack a person when she is not present to defend herself.

KJo would have been more appreciated if only he had pressed the buzzer on Kangana's "rapid fire" and responded to her right there rather than reacting now.

Last updated: March 06, 2017 | 18:25
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