Daily Recco, May 3: Beat the stress and respiratory distress with tea

The air is laden with the dreaded coronavirus, the ones that the allergies' season brings with it, besides all the stress that was already there. So how to calm down and beat the allergies? With a warm cuppa.

 |  2-minute read |   03-05-2021
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The day brought some respite with it as the number of Covid cases seemed to fall marginally. We want to heave a sigh of relief, but Covid situation makes it difficult to breathe. It is hard to remain calm. With the onset of the allergies’ season, one sneeze or cough is enough to induce that panic call to the doctor.

If you are battling similar distress with all the ‘Rona around, the best way to decompress is with a cuppa. And if you are as allergic to the pollen in the air as us, all the more reason to bring out that teapot and start brewing. Avoid coffee as caffeine is bound to increase your blood pressure and anxiety.  

main_lavender-tea_050321063828.jpgPhoto: Wikimedia Commons

Today we bring you another magic blend that the nutritionists swear by. What is in the brew? Lavender to calm down and Echinacea for defending the body against respiratory infections.

Lavender has been long-established as a stress beater. From a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow to growing the plant at home, all kinds of lav-hacks are suggested for those with sleep issues, anxiety and even depression. The aroma of lavender is said to calm your nerves, with the sedative effects stabilising your mood. All warm and fuzzy.

Coming to Echinacea, this magic herb is found in almost all medications for fighting the common cold. It eases the symptoms of mild respiratory distress and also strengthens the immune system.

The next question is: where to find these magic herbs? Online shopping apps and sites are galore with both, lavender and Echinacea tea blends. What are you waiting for? Pick the one that appeals to you the most and get brewing!

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