Daily Recco, November 13: Leftover Apple Cinnamon Smoothie for a lazy breakfast

Our Apple Cinnamon Smoothie is a perfect ode to your laziness and the perfect end to those leftover apples.

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Those apples you ordered in three days ago are piling up as you dig your tooth into yet another French Toast. They are turning a little brownish now; the apples, not your teeth, and you're wondering how to get done with them all. In one go, preferably.

Now eating apples is no big task if you believe in biting through one. But if you're the kind that needs their apples diced and peppered with pepper before you stick that fork into one, there's remedy at hand. You can make the most of those leftover apples in less than 10 minutes; it all depends on your chopping speed. Our Apple Cinnamon Smoothie: a perfect ode to your laziness.

main_apple-cinnamon-_111320022500.jpgApple Cinnamon Smoothie (Photo: Ananya Bhattacharya)

What you'll need:

Medium/big apples - 2, peeled, de-cored and diced

Honey - Two tablespoons (or as you prefer it, really)

Milk - 1 cup (150-200 ml)

Cashew nuts - 4/5

Cinnamon powder - A pinch (or as you want it)

How to:

When we say lazy, we mean lazy. Peel the apples, de-core them and dice them.

Add the diced apples, cashews, honey, milk and cinnamon powder into the blender.

Run for 30 seconds.

Pour the smoothie into a mason jar or a glass or drink straight out of the blender jar, whichever suits you. (The last choice means one utensil less to wash, just saying.)

You can add a dash of cinnamon powder before drinking it.

That's all.

So, on Monday morning when Diwali is done with and life is back to its dreary old Monday self, this Apple Cinnamon Smoothie might just help save you from the headache of what to fix for breakfast. There's anyway the Monday headache to deal with.

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