Dhoni drops an easy catch during India Vs Pak match: Guess who did much worse than MSD in cricket history

Shoaib Malik was later run out for 43 off 67 balls.

 |  1-minute read |   19-09-2018
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If catches win matches, Indians at the moment won't like to believe what they saw early this evening. The highly charged India-Pakistan match threw up a jaw-dropping, eye-rubbing, face palm moment for Indian fans. MS Dhoni, who has a reputation of being solid behind the stumps, dropped an easy catch and gave Pakistan's Shoaib Malik, who was batting at 26, a 'new life'.

Some weak-hearted fans have already termed it a "big, big drop".

Nevertheless, this is neither the first such catch to be dropped ever, nor should we judge Dhoni for this.

C'mon, this is just a match and it's still not over.

If this helps Indian fans feel any better, here is one of the funniest dropped catches ever in cricket history.

During the 1985 Ashes series, Mike Gatting had almost taken a catch when he tried to throw the ball in the air in celebration, only to find that the ball was out of his hands — and oops. He, of course, tried to catch the ball again but we all know what happened.

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