What are your New Year Eve plans? 5 Do-It-Yourself plans if you dread this question

Poulomi Ghosh
Poulomi GhoshDec 28, 2018 | 14:55

What are your New Year Eve plans? 5 Do-It-Yourself plans if you dread this question

Be online and validate others (or don't) on social media.

'What are you doing on 31st?' is the year-end version of 'So, what are your future plans?'

Both these questions are equally life-threatening, depending on the time when they are hurled upon us.

So, first things first. Make safe distance from anyone asking this question. Then follow our guidelines: 

1. Calculate what you just saved

This includes money, time, mood and energy. The list can be endless. I will just give a short brief on how to calculate.


So, to start with, this would include the money you lose after you cancel your first cab driver because he is wandering somewhere else; the energy you require to make him understand that he has to take a right after two lefts and not otherwise, etc.

This can involve minute math. Start your day with this. (Representative image: Reuters)

This might involve minute calculations, even if you don’t have a car of your own. (Not even talking about food and liquor bills and those occasions where you order the least but the amount gets equally divided.)

Calculate the manhours lost in New Year traffic and the brawl with a drunken gang you just saved yourself from — also, the cost of looking good.

At this moment, you will realise why they always preach, count your blessings. Because there are so many of them, and there can be no better day than the 31st to realise this.

2. Finish leftover Christmas food

Resolution 1: No leftover food in the fridge. (Photo: Reuters)

If your heart leaps in joy after discovering the monetary savings you just made by staying home on 31st, you can indulge in a little luxury and order food.


But if are feeling broke, then just take a walk to the refrigerator and finish everything you find.

A clean fridge, or maybe one with fresh purchases, will be your jumpstart of the New Year.

3. Please, be online

Validate (or don't) people who like you because they think their lives (on social media) are better than yours. (Representative image: Reuters)

So, nobody invited you to any year-end party? But that doesn’t mean they don’t need you. What do you think they are doing? (No, they are not missing you).

They are uploading photos and waiting for social media validation!

So be there and believe in your validating power.

Imagine those who are in Goa or in some exotic foreign locations attempting to holler 'Happy New Year' together a second after 11.59pm, what do they want?

Your views, likes and comments, which will reflect your apparent misery. But you know that you are the king.

You can also plan ahead and join groups like this.

'No plans' require a lot of planning. So, plan ahead. (Photo: Facebook)

4. Take a long bath

It’s officially winter now in more or less all parts of our country.


But do you think those who have New Year plans lined up one after another will do us the favour of taking a shower?


And thus, they will reach the New Year — groggy and dishevelled, while you are all fresh, well-fed and well-slept.

Also, if you are the slightly experimentative kind, then you can take a photo like this! 


You may not have the infrastructure. But you can give it a try. (Photo: Instagram/@greykins)

5. Netflix. Just that.

With 'chill', it gets a different meaning altogether. This is not a guide for those 'Netflix and chill' people. This is only for the 'Netflix' clan.

This is the plan of all plans. And Netflix knows that. It has already started releasing New Year Countdowns, but those are for kids. For socially awkward millennials, there are many more — more than our bandwidth.

No extra money, risk, road rage, drunkenness involved — this will ensure the safest passage to a very happy new year.

A very happy, budget-friendly and sober beginning of a great new year.


Last updated: December 28, 2018 | 15:41
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