5 reasons why Abhishek Tripathi’s Sachiv ji job is better than your corporate 9 to 5

Varsha Vats
Varsha VatsMay 20, 2022 | 16:54

5 reasons why Abhishek Tripathi’s Sachiv ji job is better than your corporate 9 to 5

Panchayat Season 2 is here. After watching the two season we have realised that Abhishek Tripathi's job is better than any corporate job. Here's why.

Sune hain pariksha mein fail ho gaye aap,” and this is why Abhishek Tripathi (also sachiv ji, played by Jitendra Kumar) had to unwillingly take the job of a Panchayat secretary at a small (fictional) village called Phulera, in Ballia, Uttar Pradesh.

In Panchayat Season 1 we saw how badly Abhiskeh wanted a perfect corporate job and hated every bit of his government job at Phulera.


But with each episode, he and the audience realised that his Panchayat Sachiv (Panchayat secretary) job is not as bad as he thought it was. It is different, loaded with challenges and required a hell lot of adjustments. But there is always a mix of good and bad at any job.

The Viral Fever’s Panchayat Season 2 is streaming on Amazon Prime video. Season 2 is receiving positive feedback for all the jokes, storyline and unexpected twists; and the things that went wrong.

After watching both the seasons of Panchayat, it can be concluded that Abhishek Triphati’s job as a sachiv is better than our 9-5 corporate lives. It is tough but it offers you a lot which most corporate employee crave for.

Abhishek Tripathi in Panchayat. Photo: Amazon Prime

If you are not convinced yet, here are 5 reasons why sachiv ji’s job in Phulera is better than yours.


As sachiv ji’s friends points our in the series, he is working on problems at the grassroots level, which will look excellent on a CV.

While half of us don’t know how our work is impacting the society, sachiv ji is actually solving those real issues, and getting to see the impact realtime.


He fixed some big-time issues of the village like installation of street lights, building toilets, finding the right name for a newborn (XD) and much more.

(Swades flashback)

A still from Swades


Sachiv ji work with the people and for the people.

He receives instant feedback from the villagers. Many times, the feedback will leave the audience in shock but also make us realise how these small things affect  the common man.

So, if you are still waiting for a reply on that feedback mail that you sent on Monday evening, try sachiv ji’s job. People will come to your office, threaten you and also prove their point with the most hilarious proofs.

Phulera Panchayat office. Photo: Amazon Prime


We all look for an escape from high-paced lifestyle, glass-and-concrete lifestyle

Sachiv ji is actually living that escape. He moved from a comfortable city life to a remote village one, with no electricity or tap water.

He was frustrated but took the job because it was the only option he had after college. But then his friend said, “Tu mitti ki kushboo chhod kar meri tarah corporate rat race mein phansa chahta hai.


As a result, he received gaon ke khet, tanki ka view, clear sky, fresh food (mainly lauki given by Pradhan ji), basically everything that a person tired of a stressful city life dreams of.


Everyone in the corporate culture is frustrated and badmouths colleagues, bosses and the organisation.

But imagine having a boss like Pradhan ji who gives you lauki, joins you in a fight, invites you for food at his home and organises a low-key weekend party for you.

It is not just Pradhan ji, every person in the village is extremely helpful. They will come up with ideas and do everything possible to solve your problem.


Every corporate employee wishes for a decent work-life balance. But that never happens.

Sachiv ji is lucky here too. He had enough time to study, cook food, drink beer, gets passport-sized pictures clicked during work hours and what not.

Which one would you choose out of the two worlds?

And if you planning to leave your job now, then...

A still from Panchayat. Photo: Amazon Prime

Last updated: May 20, 2022 | 16:54
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