Fabulous! Priyanka Chopra got trolled for meeting Modi in a dress

Social media mansplains how a good Indian woman should dress in front of elders.

 |  3-minute read |   30-05-2017
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Every day, we are given more and more reasons to facepalm. Some days, it is politicians with WTF moments like “boys will be boys” for rape cases, on others, it is people getting their knickers in a bunch over something an internationally famous and accomplished woman from India — no less than Priyanka Chopra — wears.

We Indians are very proud of our culture. But we don’t really know what that means. We are proud of it all the same. And anything that goes against our culture should be ridiculed. That too proudly. Now that we have this rule sorted, let us shame unsanskari swimsuit-wielder-cum-Quantico-star Priyanka Chopra.

The 34-year-old Indian actress who shot to international fame met Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Berlin, where she was promoting her film Baywatch — and the PM gallivanting (No... on a state visit). Meeting Mr Modi was a pretty big deal to her (no, really) and getting to meet the PM in flesh rather unexpectedly led to her to sharing a photo on the social media.

Don’t we all do that?

"Thank you for taking the time to meet me this morning Narendra Modi Sir. Such a lovely coincidence to be in Berlin at the same time," wrote Chopra.

But where she massively messed up, and she should be punished for it, is the fact that she, a self-made accomplished and educated woman who has gained fame and recognition globally, forgot that Indians are goddamned anal about their cultural sensibilities.

She wore, in front of our prime minister — a man who is as old as her late father — a dress. That revealed her legs. FOR SHAME 1F6301F630

Thankfully, a lot of people descended upon her comments feed like vultures, to remind her of the fact that good Indian women should not dress like that in front of Modiji, and that she should feel ashamed of her posture, dress and gender! Good Samaritans, everywhere.

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For some (possibly) anti-national reason however, Indians on Twitter were furious and unbelievably offended by these helpful suggestions. 1F621

Look at them spew their venom:

Remember the good old days when you had to say something against BJP or Modi or Hindutva to face the wrath of the brainwashed masses (who are really proud warriors of the Indian culture)? 

Now all you have to do is sit in front of Modiji, cross-legged, in a dress that really compliments your perfectly toned, fit legs.

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