5 signs your partner is creepy

Akshata Kamath
Akshata KamathMar 29, 2022 | 16:44

5 signs your partner is creepy

Creepy partner signs

A man from Nashville, Tennessee in the US was arrested for using an Apple Watch to track the location of his girlfriend. He attached the Apple Watch to the wheel of his girlfriend's car and used a third-party tracking app to keep a check on her whereabouts.

Life took a 360-degree turn when Lawrence Welch was found using an app called Life360 to snoop on his girlfriend. 


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Like a normal couple (if this is normal), Lawrence and his girlfriend would use the Life360 app to monitor each other's location. But his girlfriend would often attend Family Safety Centres because Lawrence had threatened to kill someone (probably her) and on these occasions, she would switch off the tracking on the app. During these occasions, Lawrence would bombard her with messages and ask her to send him her location.

Once Lawrence ended up visiting the Family Centre, but instead of heading towards the building, he headed towards a car and was found crouching near the wheels by suspicious security personnel. When the security checked the car, they found that an Apple Watch was attached to the spokes of the wheel of the car.         

The security called the police, who arrested Lawrence for this sneaky and unacceptable behaviour.

Meanwhile someone on Twitter:

Here are some more sneaky behaviours that are pretty much unacceptable in your partner: 


Checking a partner's phone or texting from a partner's phone without their knowledge can be the most shocking thing ever! Let's face it: doing it is easy and when you know all the passwords and can open up the Instagram DMs or WhatsApp chats without them knowing, it can be super tempting. Even browsing through their YouTube history can be tempting. 

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But just because you can, doesn't mean you should. 

If a partner checks another's phone, it just shows that: 

a) There are trust issues and that there is no trust in what the partner is telling and showing you about themselves. Since a true self is reflected in their communication, the partner ends up going through the other's phone.

b) There is a lack of communication or problems with intimacy. If the couple isn’t open with one another, problems are left unaddressed. This often piles up and festers suspicions. When communication is not top-notch, partners may tend to snoop behind their back instead of confronting the issues head-on. This helps maintain face if they don't find anything and to avoid a potentially tense conversation.

c) Partners are insecure or suspect there may be infidelity. 

Partners may feel paranoid without having a reason or maybe carrying the pain of being cheated in the past and maybe unconsciously (and unfairly), bringing that pain into the new relationship. When there is no evidence of suspicion, wounded humans end up searching for it anyway, thus intruding on privacy and damaging the relationship.  


Relationships come with their own understanding of information sharing and partners often confide their secrets in each other as a signal of trust and intimacy. It also helps in feeling quite positive about each other as it makes partners feel vulnerable, feel close, psychologically healthy and increase their bond. 

Having boundaries about what to share, when to share and how much to share is important to be agreed upon and followed through. Because not every outsider needs to know everything about your relationship. Everyone has the right to privacy in their relationship.  

Spilling these secrets is usually a breach of trust on many levels and is a big red flag, and often seems to give off a creepy vibe. Because this usually signals that the person is not trustworthy and cannot keep important things to themselves. 

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What's worse is talking badly about your partner on social media (or national television) for instance. Who doesn't remember Shake and Dipti's relationship on Love is Blind?


Everybody lies in teeny tiny quantities and small white lies may usually start off as 'nothing harmful'. But this may lead to consistent patterns of hiding and lying about small things, and may actually lead someone to even do the same about more important things. In any way, it is a sure way of things not ending well.

The more you lie, the more you get comfortable in doing so, or you may feel more tempted to do so.

This tests the boundaries of honesty, truth, loyalty and even tolerance and can induce A LOT of anxiety, stress, and fear.

This might seem similar to the movie Liar Liar, where the main lead builds his entire career on lies but life takes an ugly turn when his son's birthday wish comes true and he realises that he cannot lie anymore. 


Healthy relationships with others are meant to vitalise you, bring you joy, and help you reach your goals. But it may often lead to loss of connection with yourself and neglect their self-care.

Time and mental energy in toxic relationships will often be spent on the other person, and the best way to navigate this is to shift and take care of your ownself first and see how your partner reacts. If their response is negative, that signals that your partner is really creepy cos no sound human partner would be ok with not having a happy partner.


Relationships are a two-way street and both parties should bring something to the table and take something from it. But when the relationship revolves around what makes one person happy and ignores the needs of the other, it can be a pretty creepy and toxic scenario.

When a partner dismisses, belittles, or bulldozes another's boundaries, it can be a sign of a toxic relationship. This can also resemble a one-sided relationship where one is always the first one to text, or there being a significantly unequal division of labour, responsibility, or contribution to the relationship. Or worse, finding yourself asking over and over for your partner to change their behaviour. 

Have you seen creepy behaviour like this before?

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