DailyOh! Situation at Ghazipur protest site tense, to Amit Shah meets injured cops

VandanaJan 28, 2021 | 19:06

DailyOh! Situation at Ghazipur protest site tense, to Amit Shah meets injured cops

The Uttar Pradesh government has asked farmers to vacate Ghazipur border protest site.

An absence of fire signals an absence of spark. It could also signal an absence of petrol or diesel, or the fact that petrol and diesel are getting too costly to start a fire as well as run vehicles. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi says the absence of fire indicates a lack of understanding. According to Gandhi, the country would have been on fire if all farmers across the country understood the farm laws.

rahul_690_012821052511.jpgCongress leader Rahul Gandhi says the country would have been on fire if all farmers across the country understood the farm laws. (Photo: PTI)

Never mind, the Congress had maintained that farmers understand farm laws and are therefore opposing it. In politics, where you stand depends on where you sit. When you sit in the opposition, you stand and oppose. But just because you oppose doesn’t mean you are the opposition. More on that some other day. Today, the Ministry of Home Affairs asked Delhi Police to issue lookout notices against more than 37 farmer leaders over the Red Fort rampage. What is a lookout notice? A lookout notice, also called a lookout circular, is a circular issued to ensure that a person wanted in a criminal case does not flee the country. Travel documents of such people can be seized to ensure that do not travel.

The Uttar Pradesh government has given an ultimatum to the protesting farmers to vacate the Ghazipur border protest site today itself. Tikait said the protests will continue so the situation is tense even as a lot many farmers have begun leaving the protests.

The Delhi Police has also issued notices to some farm leaders asking them to explain within three days why action should not be taken against them for breaching the pact with police over the tractor rally. The notice served to BKU spokesperson Rakesh Tikait said, “You are also directed to provide names of the perpetrators of such violent acts belonging to your organisation…”

After the MHA directive on lookout notices and Delhi Police personnel reaching Delhi’s borders with the notices, Home Minister Amit Shah reached the Civil Lines hospital to take a look at the injuries suffered by Delhi Police personnel.

amit-shah-1_012821052013.jpgHome Minister Amit Shah at the Civil Lines hospital with an injured police official. (Photo: ANI)

We told you yesterday that BCCI chief Sourav Ganguly is in the hospital because of blockages in his arteries. He underwent another round of angioplasty after undergoing the first round early this month and two stents were put his arteries. What is angioplasty? The procedure to widen arteries that may have developed blockages. One of the ways of doing it is inserting a stent. What the stent does is keep the artery open for smooth blood flow or flow of other body fluids.

Do you know where the word stent comes from? Stent, our Word Of The Day, comes from the name of a dentist – Charles Thomas Stent. Let us tell you the why and how of it. English dentist Edwin Truman in 1847 introduced gutta-percha as a material for making dental impressions. But gutta-percha presented problems. It showed a tendency to distort when removed from a patients mouth and it would shrink after cooling. Nine years later in 1856, Charles Stent added several other materials to gutta-percha, most notably stearine, which improved the plasticity of the material as well as its stability.

But Charles Stent did not bring stent to surgery. That was done by Dutch plastic surgeon Johannes Fredericus Esser who performed reconstructive surgery on soldiers with face wounds during the First World War. Do you know why many soldiers suffered face injuries during World War I? Because of trench warfare. World War I was when trench warfare became popular. But it had its own ups and downs. The downs came when a soldier rose up. Soldiers were fairly protected as long as they remained below the ground level in the trench. But you don’t go to war to take cover. You go to war to kill or capture your enemy. If you remain ducked in the trench you can’t do it. So you have to raise your head to see and shoot the enemy. When you rise to see the enemy, the enemy also gets to see you. And since he too is there to kill and capture, he too fires. In trench warfare, faces took the hit because faces were the only parts that were primarily exposed. Esser was assigned the job of fixing these wounded faces at a hospital in Vienna. He applied sterilised Stent's dental mass to stabilise the skin grafts. Stent allowed stretching and fixing the graft. Gradually, stent came to be a part of our bruised bodies, all beginning with the teeth. Say cheese!

What are Singhu villagers saying to farmers at Singhu border? Excuse me, please.

A group of people descended at the protest site claiming to be residents of Singhu and telling farmers, “It is time to go.” The group claimed their life is getting affected because of the protests. You may ask why the sudden change of heart after months of helping farmers with food and water? But that changes nothing because 'sudden' is not unconstitutional or unlawful. Sudden is just sudden.

From farmers’ protest and farm laws to some more news on farm laws. The Trinamool Congress government in West Bengal moved a resolution today demanding the withdrawal of the contentious farm laws. The BJP MLAs then walked into the well of the assembly and countered with chants of "Jai Shri Ram". What is the connection? Nothing, and then everything.

mamata-banerjee_012821052604.jpgThe Mamata Banerjee-led West Bengal government wants farms laws to be withdrawn. (Photo: PTI)

The turmoil seen in West Bengal assembly today will repeat in Parliament tomorrow when the Budget Session begins. The Session will begin with President Ram Nath Kovind’s speech which will be boycotted by 16 parties. All parties have just one reason for the boycott – farm laws. The Aam Aadmi Party will also be part of the boycott and contestant in elections in six states - Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Goa, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh and, of course, Punjab - over the next two years.

If you plan to stay away from the ruckus which will kick off tomorrow along with the Budget Session, you can take refuge in books, or movies. Our recommendation, however, is a book - Black Leopard, Red Wolf by Marlon James.

If you have had enough of books and movies, you can consider travel too because it is safe to travel as long as you take all the precautions. For now, let us take you to Thailand where badminton ace PV Sindhu lost her second straight match of Group 'B' at the BWF World Tour Finals. Sindhu lost, but she played well. Sindhu, who had won the title in 2018, will next play Pornpawee Chochuwong, on Friday, which is tomorrow.

We will also be back tomorrow.

Stay safe.

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Last updated: January 28, 2021 | 19:06
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