DailyOh! Where will Pilot crash-land, to a trip to Nepal’s Ayodhya

In 2015, Birgunj in Nepal saw a curfew that lasted over two months after violence broke out. There was a Ram connection there too.

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All pilots get lessons in crash-landing. Sachin Pilot, who is no pilot, too showed his crash-landing skills (with 20-plus MLAs) today, though no one knows just where the landing has happened. The Congress, on its part, has claimed it grounded Pilot before he could have grounded the Congress in Rajasthan.

pilot-690_071420051302.jpgSachin Pilot wanted the Chief Minister's post, the Congress has scaked him even as Deputy Chief Minister. (Photo: PTI)

Pilot, who demanded he be made Rajasthan Chief Minister, has in return been handed over sacking orders both as Rajasthan party chief and Deputy CM. Will this mean Pilot will land in the BJP camp? This is for time to answer and time answers when it is time to answer - not before, not after. For the time being, Pilot is in Delhi.

But Big B (77) and Junior B (44) are in hospital and will remain there for the next seven days at least. Both are stable but many are losing their sanity over the health of the Bachchans. Fans in Kolkata have organised a Mahamritunjay Yagna, which they said would continue till the Bollywood megastar and his family recover from Covid-19. That announcement borders on intimidation. Just because Amitabh is Amitabh and fans are fans, coronavirus is unlikely to change protocol and go sooner than it plans to go.

For now, no one is privy to plans the coronavirus has for us. No scientist, no doctor. No nobody. In Argentina, the outbreak of coronavirus infections onboard Echizen Maru fishing trawler has left authorities fishing for answers. The question that faces them: How could the crew get infected when everyone was tested and quarantined before going fish hunting? For now, Argentina's (and your) answer to that should be - don't go fish hunting.

Closer home in neighbouring Nepal, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has found a fresh flashpoint with India. Unlike Kalapani, this one isn’t along the border but entrenched well within Indian territory. Oli says Ayodhya belongs to Nepal. Not just Ayodhya, but Lord Ram too. Now, Ram belongs to everyone, everyone who believes, that is; but Oli believes all the fights India fought within over Ramjanmabhoomi was for nothing because Ramjanmabhoomi is in Nepal. The thing with belief is that it cannot be contested.

But Oli says he is talking facts, not beliefs. "We [Nepalis] have been oppressed a bit, culturally. Facts have been encroached [upon]..." As per Oli’s facts, Ramjanmabhoomi is in Ayodhya, but Ayodhya (the original one) is not in Yogi-land Uttar Pradesh. It is in Oli-land Nepal.


Oli says Ayodhya is a village west of Birgunj.

If you have never been to Birgunj and have never known it existed, know that it is about 135 km from Nepal capital Kathmandu. Know it not because Oli believes it to be Ramjanmabhoomi, but because this is where riots had broken out after Nepal was declared a secular state. The declaration came from Ram himself. Not Lord Ram, but then-Nepal President Ram Baran Yadav. Many people named Ram were born in the area. But India is not even considering the possibility of Lord Ram taking birth there.

Anyway we were talking about Nepal’s conversion from a Hindu state to a secular one.

In 2015, Ram Baran announced the official adoption of a new constitution under which the Hindu monarchy was formally converted into a secular, federal republic with seven states. Riots started in Birgunj a little before the announcement was made. The town remained locked and under curfew for over two months.

Ram ji ki kripa se things are fine now. But Oli ki kripa se relations between India and Nepal are plummeting. Even though the latest salvo from Oli has helped people LoL from behind their masks.

From Oli’s Ayodhya, we want to take you to Donald Trump’s America. The news from America’s California is rather glum. The body of Glee actor Naya Rivera has been found from Lake Piru. The 33-year-old star vanished on July 8. She was last seen by her four-year-old son who told investigators that she rescued him after the boat they were on broke.

The boy told investigators that they were swimming in the lake and the tragedy happened when they tried to get back on the boat. Rivera helped the boy get to safety but when the boy turned back, he saw “her disappear under the surface of the water”.

Rivera’s tale has led to many telling tales about the horrors of Lake Piru. Many people have drowned in the lake.

The lake, an hour's drive from Los Angeles, has been the site of many tragedies since the 1990s. Some say that it is the Devil’s job. They are right if you consider a whirlpool to be a devil. The lake has many devilish whirlpools that have led to loss of lives in the lake.

But ambition, some say, has led to the loss of Sachin Pilot’s position in the Congress party and Rajasthan government. Pilot had a lot, but he wanted more. And more is always less. But is it wrong to want more and not settle for less? There is no one answer to that and when there is no one answer, there is a scope for arguments. You see, debates are a passé.

To avoid getting into an argument, we will get into ambition, we mean into the meaning of ambition because that is what our Word Of The Day is.

Ambition comes from the Latin word ‘ambitio’, which came from ‘ambire’, meaning ‘to go around’. This process of going around was caused by a desire for honour or power, or both, and the word eventually came to mean the desire for honour or power.

Ambition has come to signify a negative trait because it is assumed that the means to achieve ambitions would be unfair. But what is unfair and fair is a debate with full potential to boil into an argument.

Be ambitious, not argumentative. As for the means, whatever allows you to sleep in peace.

Getting sleepless nights for now are the Bhatts with rape and murder threats flying their way. Alia and Pooja Bhatt’s sister Shaheen Bhatt has shared a glimpse of what the family is being put through.


Such language can attract jail terms and jails offer no cushiony sleeps. So, choose your words, tweets and posts carefully.

That will be all for today.

We will be back tomorrow with updates on Pilot’s landing and more.

Stay safe.

To help you stay safe, Google may step up its game. It isn't just going to provide tips on staying safe but also may soon be delivering food at your doorstep. Who knows your doorstep better than Google? No one.

We will leave for now so that you can go ahead Google more on that.


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