Best moment for India at Olympics: When Sakshi Malik met PV Sindhu and Gopichand

DailyBiteAug 21, 2016 | 20:32

Best moment for India at Olympics: When Sakshi Malik met PV Sindhu and Gopichand

Sakshi Malik ran into the PV Sindhu and P Gopichand in Rio. Photo: Twitter (@SakshiMalik)

If you take the longest, or even the medium-term view of India's performance in the 2016 Olympics, it has been nothing short of a disaster.

We sent our biggest ever contingent, boasted of returning with a double digit medal tally and got just two medals in the end.

Sports, though, is about contexts, and the two medals we did get were in absolutely breathtaking fashion, won by two young Olympians who are ready to become the faces of Indian sports in the years to come.

Sakshi Malik and Pusarla Venkata Sindhu were nothing short of astonishing in Rio, slaying opponents and gender stereotypes.

So while India looked for a medal on the last day of the 2016 Olympics, its two newest icons were chilling out in Rio and incidentally bumped into each other, making the encounter an instant social media rage.

Hey look, even the serious Gopi got in the photo!

When India's sports authorities and the media sit down in separate rooms to analyse the country's Rio campaign, they should remember this picture, for this was a moment which perfectly captured the success we did have.

Sakshi Malik (left) and PV Sindhu. 

As the two girls and Gopi are home-bound, let's all prepare for the thunderous reception they will get, one they have given everything to deserve.


Last updated: August 21, 2016 | 20:32
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