Bigg Boss 11: Seriously, contestants don't know who Mithali Raj is?

DailyBiteDec 31, 2017 | 19:39

Bigg Boss 11: Seriously, contestants don't know who Mithali Raj is?

The contestants were trolled for their unforgivable ignorance.

The collective disgust against the show Bigg Boss was poured on Twitter after none of the housemates, including Priyank Sharma, who got evicted on Saturday (January 30), could tell which sports Mithali Raj is associated with.


The housemates, of course, are not famous for their general knowledge. The fact became clearer after a video in which Hina Khan was seen calling Africa a country, went viral. But this one really disgusted the viewers and irrespective of their strong lobbying for their favourite contestants, the viewers came down heavily on the contestants on social media.

In a fun session, host Salman Khan wanted to test the presence of mind of the contestants. So, he started referring to Hina Khan's confusion between 60 and 600. While some of his questions were tricky, identifying the captain of Indian women's cricket team, Mithali Raj, was the easiest. He asked this question to Akash Dadlani, who claims to be a sportsperson. After he failed to reply, Salman passed the question to all but no one could reply. Priyank guessed and said, "maybe cricket", after which everybody pretended to remember.  

Luv Tyagi was asked the full form of DVD, to which he just mumbled "digital video" while Hina prompted "display" and the combined answer was "digital video display". Salman corrected "display" to "disc" but could not save them from this trolling on social media.

Last updated: December 31, 2017 | 19:39
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