We searched for weed on Amazon. You will be surprised to see the results

Varsha Vats
Varsha VatsNov 16, 2021 | 17:21

We searched for weed on Amazon. You will be surprised to see the results

Three people were arrested in Madhya Pradesh for selling weed on shopping website Amazon. To understand what all is available on the website, we searched 'weed' on Amazon and here are the shocking results.

Madhya Pradesh police arrested three people for selling 20 kg weed worth Rs 1.1 crore on Amazon. The ganja they sold was sourced from Visakhapatnam using Amazon. While drugs supply and use are making big headlines in the country - ICYMI, the entire Aryan Khan saga - some are openly making it available on leading, global shopping platform. This incident clearly highlights the loopholes in Amazon’s vast system.

As Amazon made buying weed an easy task, we did a quick search on the website. Here are some problematic results you will see if you search for ‘weed’ on Amazon.


thumbnail_amazon-cru_111621050328.jpgA weed crusher on Amazon. Photo: Amazon.in

So, one of the top results on Amazon is this weed crusher made with stainless steel. In one of the product images, you’ll see that it can fit into your pocket. Woah! That’s a great way of selling a weed crusher (which should not be the case).


amazon-smoking-insid_111621014125.jpgSmoking pipe on Amazon. Photo: Amazon.in

Do you know how keywords work? The title of this product could be an example: Turtuls Group Best Weed (Ganja) Smoking Pipe.

amazon-smoking-pot-i_111621014226.jpgSmoking pipes on Amazon. Photo: Amazon.in

You will also find a variety of smoking pipes on the shopping website.


amazon-roll-inside_111621014352.jpgPre-rolled cones available on Amazon. Photo: Amazon.in

Now you see where it is going! After weed, you can easily search for a crusher and ready-to-use cones. Yes. And you will be surprised to read the product reviews. One of the customers said, “Works as mentioned. Burns very slow and size big enough for a group of 4-5 people when using 1 joint. I got this in a good deal. Satisfied.”

thumbnail_review-ama_111621052033.jpgA customer's review on Amazon. Photo: Amazon.in

The list of people selling pre-rolled cones on Amazon is endless. Many of them are eligible for Prime delivery and with great discounts.


amazon-book-insie_111621014519.jpgA book on weed cultivation on Amazon. Photo: Amazon.in

Not just the tools and accessories, you’ll also get a book on how to grow weed. Now, hold my - burner? pipe? joint? whatever - it is also available on Kindle for free!

So, what can Amazon do? It obviously cannot go through each and everything that is listed on the site for sale - at least that's what they'd want us to believe - but a checkpoint would be good, we guess. Before the NCB gets to tracking orders of ganja on Amazon!

Last updated: November 16, 2021 | 17:30
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