[Explained] How Shah Rukh became Gaurav: It wasn't easy

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[Explained] How Shah Rukh became Gaurav: It wasn't easy

Content is King Khan.

Yes, after his years of fluffy romance onscreen with heroines half his age, Shah Rukh dabbles with that Shakespearean trope: self-love. Only if narcissism is SRK's thing, he would rather make a movie about it, splitting himself into two - the star and the fan - becoming his own doppelganger and churning out cinematic brilliance sans a barbie doll heroine, or Swiss locales, or even a real song and dance sequence.

Shah Rukh Khan as Gaurav Chandna in Fan.

In Fan, and in Shah Rukh Khan's psychotic, brooding "fan" Gaurav Chandna, we find how tortuous it could be to cast a harsh glare at yourself. The fan is the ultimate mirror, full of distortions and warts and gloss at once. But becoming Gaurav for SRK, literally, was a process perhaps far more arduous than conceptualising him.

It took King Khan four painful hours on the chair to put on the silicon prosthetics, designed by Greg Cannom [yes, the Oscar-winning makeup artist and the man behind Brad Pitt's "Benjamin Button looks"], everyday. For someone as restless and energetic as Shah Rukh, that must have been the most boring and cruel part of the whole game.

In this behind-the-scenes video released by Yash Raj Films, SRK, Maneesh Sharma and Greg Cannom talk about "becoming Gaurav" and what that meant for everyone on the sets. Let the kingdom of fans have a peek into it.    

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