Why did Ranveer Singh faint after dancing to SRK's 'Fan'?

DailyTripMar 15, 2016 | 12:28

Why did Ranveer Singh faint after dancing to SRK's 'Fan'?


The Father of all ... 'Motion Posters' @iamsrk ???? #JabraFan

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I had written an article titled Shah Rukh Khan's career is now officially over. While it was expectedly trashed by the superstar's fans (I was one of them in the past and will still be if he starts making meaningful movies again), they are still missing the basic points of the whole issue.


Domestic box office is the foundation of the Khan skyscraper

The most common refrain is that how a movie which has a worldwide gross in excess of Rs 300 crore can be called a flop by any stretch of imagination. Again that's basic business. If you spend Rs 100 crore and get back Rs 110 crore, it's profit.

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