Shane Warne was on a liquid diet. What is it?

Mohammad Bilal
Mohammad BilalMar 08, 2022 | 19:52

Shane Warne was on a liquid diet. What is it?

Australian cricketer Shane Warne who died last week was on liquid diet. Know what it is and is it safe to follow?

Legendary Australian cricketer Shane Warne, who died due to 'natural causes' on March 4, 2022, was on a liquid diet according to his manager James Erkshine. Warne’s manager who spoke to news.com.au said that the cricketer was on a 14-day liquid diet which he had even tried in the past to lose some weight.  

Warne had also tweeted a picture of himself saying, “Operation Shred has started (10 says in) and the goal by July is to get back to this shape from a few years ago ! Let’s go!.” The Australian cricketer had tried this three to four times in the past. He had struggled with weight issues but denied consuming any nutritional supplements.


According to reports, the Australian cricketer was sweating unusually the week he died. Though the cause of death was natural, one cannot deny that his changed diet could have played a role in his demise.


Liquid Diet. Photo: Getty Images

A liquid diet contains juices and minerals that work to enrich the body with vitamins, cutting on proteins and fats. It includes vegetable soups and different types of juices that seek to eliminate toxins from the body. The aim is to push the body to consume the excess fat it has built up.

A liquid diet might have nutritional benefits, but it might not be able to provide the body with everything it needs. According to medical experts, these diets can not only have severe consequences on the body but they can also lead to weight gain once the person gets back to normal diet. 

As per doctor Gail Rees, associate professor of human nutrition at the University of Plymouth, ”You’d feel drained and exhausted for a week.


In a liquid diet, the iron reserves of the body could be used up, which can lead to anaemia in women. The lungs, liver and the gut would have to work harder to keep the body function normal.

Another health issue that crops up due to liquid diet is gallstones in the bladder.


According to medical experts, instead of going for these fad diets, one should always get on a diet that suits the body and the effect of which stays for a long term.

Dr Simon Steenson of the British Nutrition Foundation says that the better option to lose weight is to find and follow a balanced diet that includes proteins, nuts, whole grains, vegetables. He suggests removing alcohol, biscuits, crisps and takeaway food from the diet, which can give you unwanted calories.

And if you have an underlying disease like Type 2 Diabetes, it is always better to consult a doctor before getting on a diet.

Last updated: March 08, 2022 | 19:52
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